Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring 1202

Finally, spring is well on the way. Global warming in the Frozen North means that spring comes in March and April rather than the middle of May. It is a huge change. It's raining this month and the last of our snow is going fast. Cross country skiing will shut down this weekend, if there is anything left to ski on this weekend. I can see the tops of the rocks on our garden wall, the strawberry fields on the way into town are bare.
The north country looks its bleakest in the early spring. November is soft and grey and pretty because it is just a way station waiting for snowfall. But spring is grey and lasts longer (usually) while we wait for everything to turn green.
The felines are anxious to get out in their huge, fenced in yard. Harper is especially looking forward to visiting Grandpa next door. Harper likes to spend time sitting in the screen porch with my FIL while he reads. The porch gets very warm and nice as soon as the sun is shining down in the afternoons. And in the summer mornings it is a nice place to sit with morning coffee.
I'll clean our porch (in this house) off the next sunny day so we can have lunch out there and watch the apple trees bloom. All winter Ramona has had a large bathroom box out there since she believes poop does not belong in the house. I agree with her but Harper wants a warmer bathroom, which means I had to put one in his room to avoid incidents.
I'm working on a lot of projects, putting all my web sites together with my plays and writing projects, helping with our camera gear business and editing video. I have started onions and tomatoes and I'm trying a method of starting onions from seeds where you cut them back whenever they reach three inches. We'll see how that goes.


Carolina Cats said...

So nice to see you guys again! We've missed you. We hope your spring has sprung, ours has in Norf Carolina, but then winter decided to come back for a few days and it has been furry chilly!

Please keep posting.

Hugs & purrs,
Finnegan, Buddy & Princess Jazzy

Biddy Fraser said...

You sound very busy, but it's lovely now that summers truly here (I think, although the weather in England isn't too brilliant at the moment). Do you keep your cats in during the winter in 'the North'. We visited the Yukon a few years ago and one lady I was talking to in a hotel said they had to keep a good eye on their cats as wild creatures were likely to get them. I can't imagine our siamese coping with snow very well - well, lots of it.