Friday, November 24, 2006

Brendan and his Wife

We had to make a trip to the vets with Brendan Wednesday. He came up to the bedroom around three PM where I was reading with Ramona. Olof had just come in and Brendan went up to his new heat pad bed (which he likes a lot) and let loose a small puddle of red pee. He would never ever do this without a reason. He knew he needed the doc. So we called and got an appointment right away (one of the benefits of going to a large eight vet practice even though it is 30 minutes from the house). B had blood tests and his urine checked and we have antibiotics for him and MSM for anti-inflammatory. It is hard to tell exactly what it could be other than a bladder infection.

He has also lost weight, he is at 8.6 down from 9.7 on his last trip. We're in Portland for the holiday so I went to both pet food shops and bought a selection of things our local shop doesn't carry to try to perk up his appetite. The blood appears to have stopped and I think Brendan is taking a walk outside with Olof right now.

As far as Ramona is concerned, she and Brendan are a pair. I must have missed my invitation to the wedding but they are acting like an old married couple. Brendan has a favorite spot here, a round stool with a nice padded cover. Today Ramona claimed it and Brendan didn't say anything. But we removed her and placed her gently on the couch. Twice.

She also expects him to share his food, which he does, except that I move her away and give her her own bowl.

Just because she's a beautiful young wife doesn't mean she can run him around.

If Ramona looks a bit, well, plump in these photos that's because she was looking like a little pumpkin. We discussed it and she has gone on a diet so already looks a little sleeker. She really doesn't want to lose her girlish figure, it's just she really likes food. When I am eating she will come and watch with great interest, every little bite go from the plate to my fork to my mouth. And she looks like she's thinking "wow, she thinks that is edible! How strange!"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dancing with the Harp

We really shouldn't let Harper watch TV. He saw Dancing with the Stars one night and now whenever he hears music he's off.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Brendan Learned About Love

These photos are not quite in order but I think together they tell the story about how a rather curmudgedly sixteen year old cat lost his heart to a kitten. A girl kitten.

She fell for him hard. He's so big! So strong! So brave! And day by day she played her cards, moved in a little closer, until she could actually give him a kiss and not get The Paw. (she never gets The Paw now). She let him know how much she admired him and gradually she was accepted.

Brendan really is a wise old soul but even he didn't know some things. For instance that it really is best to be part of a tribe, to have other felines cuddled up next to you, to get your head thoroughly washed, to have someone come running if you sneeze, to have somebody who really cares about you and speaks your language. He's learned something new and it has added a great deal of sweetness to his old age.

When he comes in the window in the morning after Dawn Patrol Ramona comes running, gives him a kiss and walks next to him to the munchie bowl for a bit of breakfast. And the big lug will even let her get her head in his bowl with him. Truly a May December romance of the finest kind.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

When We Were Very Young

Harper at five weeks

Ramona at five weeks.

Remember how little they were? We drove to pick them up when they were seven weeks old because the shelter said it would be best for their health to get them home. They were tiny. Harper sat next to me all the way home (500 miles) looking up at me with a friendly interest and a charming eye blink. We stopped and fed them every few hours.

Once home, we put them in their own room because they were so small we were afraid to let them sleep with us. I would get up and feed them in the middle of the night and they were always hungry. Ramona wasn't well for a while and her eye was bad with an ulcer but she pulled through.

Today they are nine months old and wonderful cats with sweet, childike personalities. Harper is a solid boy, about nine pounds and Ramona is a plump young lady, also about nine pounds. She has gained four pounds in the last three months. We call them the thousand milers and they are worth every mile.

Every night Harper comes running to sit on a lap (usually Olof's) and watch some TV. I generally get Brendan and Ramona together but sometimes Harper. Sometimes all three.The two kittens love both of us and no one is upset if one lap is taken, there's another available. TV time is family hour for this animal family.