Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here we are

Where have we been? Oh,not far. A couple of days at a lovely inn by the sea with the Finnish cousins and the end of autumn around here. Putting the garden to bed, drying apples. I have a new powerbook which means figuring out new things like how the heck do I get my photos from the camera to this one and do I have to use Aperture now and why isn't Photoshop working and why can't I email out a photo from iPhoto. Olof is on a video shoot in Texas which shows you how far I would get with computers on my own.
Roz has run a very successful pet food drive up here and I will post about that too. She came up with a great way to help people keep their pets when they are having a hard time. I think this would work for animal groups everywhere.
For today I will show you some of the latest residences at the shelter and promise to go back to our regular programming.
BTW, Dancer is still at the shelter. He is not happy about it and yes, this complicated and wonderful feline really needs a home with someone who wants to give him attention. He still chirps but you out there, he needs you. You can check the CAHS Petfinder page to see who is in. I will try to get down there today and fill in those missing pages.

Teddy (I have to go back and get a better photo of him if he is still there. A moving target!)


Pishi (she is a senior and had to be surrendered. Along with Celia, below)




Essence (she was found wandering around downtown)


Alice (she has a cold and I will take another photo if her eyes have cleared up)