Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Call Me Irresistible

This little girl, six weeks old popped up at the shelter on my last visit. She's got the personality to match. Her story is a little odd, two women had to surrender their cats and they also knew about this one, stashed in a car somewhere. So they brought her in too. She's been taken from her mommy way too early but she is the happiest little thing you ever saw, playing with balls and huggy toys and eager to be picked up and played with. Not afraid of anything, she stares right at you. Her nose is raw from pushing against the wall of a cat carrier she arrived in. It will heal and be pink.

Reminds me quite a bit of a rascal named Fergus.

I asked Brendan if he'd like another little girl kitty.

Surely you jest, says he.

These two wouldn't mind though.

Sigh. Yeah four is probably a bit much right now. Though we have wondered if Ramona would mother a kitten the way she looks after Brendan and her brother. This little girl will have no problem finding a good home though. Everyone at the shelter is already crazy about her.

I've finished my audio script. It is almost fifty pages long. I'll have to see how long it takes to read. It has to fit on one cd. After typing all day I wasn't exactly up for blogging. And then we were right smack in the middle of this storm. I didn't lose power but my in-laws in Portland did. Their house got down to 40 degrees. And friends here had their road wash out so badly it was impassable. Ours is washed out enough to require some repair.

I think watching the rain and snow pour down for days on end kind of does you in. And the school shooting just makes me wonder where we're going in this country.

I am heading to Florida to meet Olof and do some video shooting in Georgia.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hidden Beauty

This sweet creaturem currently named Patty (she deserves something more poetic, I think), is at the shelter. She came in pregnamt and unwed, as so many do. She is just past being a kitten herself. Her kittens should be there when I go over tomorrow to get some photos so I will post them if I get them.

She has a personality to match the loveliness, outgoing, curious and friendly. I'm sure she won't be there long. She's a sweet girl

Of course, I already have a sweet girl so all I can do is help someone else find her.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring in NH

Yup, we got fifteen inches of snow a few days ago. Spring in the White Mountains. It's about half gone today but still cold and raw out. So we are doing the cat thing since nobody feels like going skiing, though we could.

The Tiger Tribe gathers peacefully in front of the friend (our kerosene heater and the coziest spot in the house unless I have the wood stove going)

H shows his beautiful self.

Not to be outdone, here is the lovely Mrs. B

Who sometimes gets to cuddle up with her old man.

And always keeps a watchful eye on him. If hs sneezes she comes running.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Brendan Speaks Up

Olof, over the seventeen years we've been together I've seen you do a lot of peculiar things. There's all the stuff you do banging wood around and cutting it in pieces and putting it back together. And the perfectly good trees you cut down. And the way you dig up some plants that look fine to me and replace them with other ones. And of course, there is that strange thing both you humans do I've never understood, drenching yourselves with hot water. But this is really weird.

Ok, so I really don't get this. But you seem so pleased with yourself. And Herself is real happy. It's still the floor we walk on, is all I can see. It's shinier though. Is that why you went to all this trouble and noise?

People. Alway amusing.

Your Man Cat