Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter Morning

New Mac powerbook, new software (Aperature), new camera card and new stuff to get used to. I can actually work on editing video on this lovely machine, though currently I have to have two hard drives hooked up to it to get my media files. Still, why does it feel more like a game than work if you can do it on a lap top? The touch pad on this is kind of slippery and does things I don't intend but the keyboard is lovely and the screen is fantastic, illuminated and clear. It's one of those one piece Mac's carved out of aluminum. Olof decided I should have it. Another thing I love is that it doesn't cook my legs if I am lying down.

As I was this chilly morning with tiny bits of white floating down. You couldn't call it snow, not really. Looked more like hail. I was guarded on either side by my feline protectors....

Resting on their wonderful heat pads, no electric, these things just reflect their body heat and as soon as I offered them they were happily adopted. Now we wake up most mornings, as the house gets colder, with a feline to each. I had bought one of these for Brendan to ease his elder bones and at that time neither kitten ever dared to trespass. But now they each have their own. I recommend these for any northern cats to make a long winter cozy. Harper and Ramona agree.