Saturday, December 30, 2006


I did not pose her.

I haven't written for a while because we thought we were going to lose Brendan right before Christmas and I didn't want everyone to be sad. He is doing just great now and we are very happy with that as a big Christmas present. Mrs. B is happy too and she keeps an eye on him. They spend most of their time together now.

We had been in Portland after Brendan recovered from the bladder infection and he stopped eating. That was a Saturday. By Monday we were very worried and took him to the vets, both of us thinking This Could Be It. We were prepared for the vet to say we have to make The Awful Decision. I was in bad shape. Olof too.

At the vets Brendan got some fluids because he was dehydrated and he got more Clavamox, a B-12 vitamin shot, an anti-nausea shot and a antacid shot. Whew. And some bland food and instructions to get some down him with a dropper. He was obviously nauseated (lip licking). And he did not look like he felt well.

We made three more trips to the vet for shots and fluids and we learned to do it ourselves. Tuesday, he ate a little. Wednesday night we heard the sound of munchies in the night and it was B. Thursday we left for Christmas (with all three felines in tow).

He started eating normally again and we were thrilled. The vet said his tests came back and there was no infection and his kidney levels were normal. Not just better than last time, but normal. And he's seventeen.

The last few days he has been very enthusiastic about every meal and obviously feeling his oats. He wants to go out and check his territory every day (we go with him) and right now he is curled up with Mrs. B in front of the heater. He is enjoying his life and companions.

When I think of how it could have been, I know it was a very good Christmas indeed. And Ramona would agree.

Fluid therapy for cats is just amazing. Don't hesitate to try it if your cat is ill and your vet recommends it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

B and Mrs. B

On a lazy morning with the sun pouring in it is nice to cuddle up together. She stands by her man. She'll give him a thorough head licking too.

Brendan is doing quite well. We are sending our purrs to Smudge and his people on the far north (farther than our far north which is currently snowless and 50 degrees out).

Hang in there Smudge, you're well loved.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Too Cute

Sometimes it is a little hard to get anything done when you have this kind of distraction. They can be just too cute. I think there is something about being a brother sister pair that does it. They will sit or stand together in exactly the same pose.

Suddenly is has turned arctic cold outside and the wind is howling. Harper is curled up next to me as we wait in the kitchen for dinnertime. Last night as the house got colder we were surrounded by feline heat seeking missiles. Brendan on his heat bed (with the reflecting pad, very popular), Ramona on top of me and Harper under the blankets. I am well used to fitting myself in between sleeping felines.

Sometimes I imagine living in a cave with my tribe. The wind howls and we cuddle together, safe from the storm.

It's as good as it gets if you ask me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let's Just Stay in Tonight, Dear

Let's just stay in tonight and watch a movie honey.

Whatever you say dear.

Do we always have to have your brother along?

You two are sooo mushy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Brendan is Doing Pretty Good

The old fella is doing pretty darn good with antibiotics and MSM. The bloody urine stopped right away and he has been eating three meals a day of warm wet food. I went to two shops in Portland and bought anything good quality he hadn't tried yet and that helped perk up his appetite. We will see next week if he has gained any weight but it looks like it. He thanks all of you who sent purrs. He plans on being around for a while yet.

In other news, Ramona woke us at 5 AM growling like a tiger under the bed. She had a mouse and I haven't crawled under there yet to see if it is still there or got eaten. It may have been eaten since she has been zombie like all day. Tiger Sleeps Off Major Kill. She was not going to let Harper have it no way.

It was 64 degrees outside last night here. Very very weird. But it is supposed to come to an end tomorrow with normal temps for early December and maybe some snow. Snow would be good much as I like running around in a tee shirt in November.