Monday, February 26, 2007

Harper is a Flirt

I know you think I'm handsome.

See me lick my toes. Can you do that?

This pose is irrestistible, isn't it? Don't you just want to hug me?

Hey, let me see that thing!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Winter Afternoon

I wrote on my laptop while these guys did what they do best.

Letting it all hang out.

Ramona cuddled up in the cat house.

Brendan waited for spring in front of the heater.

I got to chapter ten and then everyone woke up.

Hey, when are you coming upstairs to sit in front of the talky box?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cats, Books, Life is Good

Winter nights the pride tends to gather and cuddle up. There hasn't been a whole lot to write about lately. The mouse score stands at Harper and Ramona 4, Mice 0. Must be a home team advantage.

Ramona got inspired after watching 2 reruns of Miami CSI every night. She signed up for an online course at ITT Tech and just got her license as an MSI, Mouse Scene Investigator. I hear her telling Harper to "send that to Trace". The mice should have the sense to move on and pursue their criminal activities somewhere else. Like Miami.

Brendan is fine. He has discovered Max Cat Gourmet and I order it by the case from Petco. He loves the Duck Stew and the Seafood Bsique with tomato. He demands 3 to 5 warm wet meals every day, laced with Glucosamine and MSM and the Chinese herbs he gets for his kidneys. Brendan has also been getting chiropractic treatments and acupuncture. He's moving much better and even gets frisky. For an old fella he's in great form.

This morning Brendan was taking a nice warm bath when I heard a desperate cry at the door, "Let me in!". I had moved the upstairs facilities in there because we have company and Harper needed to get in the room in a hurry.

Brendan came out to assist me with bookkeeping in my office and now he's being very purry next to me. He has been checking the air for spring but he says it isn't here yet.

I have been plowing through my projects. One video just needs a few edits, two TV spots to finish and one which isn't started and then an audio tour script that has to be written and recorded and duplicated on cd by spring. I am up to chapter seven on my book rewrites, trying to decide if going to a writers day is worth it to get five minutes with an editor. And we are waiting to hear if we are going on a video shoot in France in June, studying French just in case.

Oh yes, it is almost time to start some tomatoes. The cherries we put in pots last year did very well.

Miaou to all. Hope you are well all over the world. I'm sorry I haven't been writing more but life has just been too darn peaceful.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow, we love it

A couple of commentators suggested we were nuts to be happy about the major snowstorm presently dropping an inch an hour here. Though I admit, I feel sorry for the towns in New York that have over eight feet on the ground, for us here, the snow is a blessing.

I love it first of all because it is beautiful and it makes the world peaceful for a little while. No cars. Shut off from the modern world. Though Olof has to go into town to fix a printer. However, that may get postponed. It takes two feet to shut this town down. We may get that.

The other reason snow is loved where I live in northern New Hampshire is we are a ski resort. I live about two miles from Attitash, Cranmore is in town and Wildcat and Black in Jackson. Though I only ski cross country these days, the economy up here runs on snow in the winter. Two feet of snow means a good winter for the valley and my friends who run the cross country ski trails. And the restaurants and the inns and the shops which support the rest of the town. We started off this winter so warm it didn't feel real and we only got rain. It was sad, every inch was greeted with joy. Here, the bank tellers wear pins saying "Pray for snow" Two feet will bring lots of smiles around here as we get ready for vacation weeks and lots of skiers.

Two feet of snow means I can ski out my door, down into the woods, across the brook and to the Saco River. And if it's cold enough, we can ski across the river. We can also go up to Jackson and really get some outdoor air on our favorites trails like East Pasture (all up one way and down the other) or the Hall trail which winds way up in the forest above Jackson. And there is nothing better for the winter blues then a crisp day of white snow, blue sky and gliding through the forest. Then coming home to a warm woodstove and hot chocolate. You can't beat it for the life is good feeling.

Check our web cam

And bring on the snow!

Ok, so maybe the whole family doesn't share our enthusiam. As long as the heat is on they do just fine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mouse Busters

Who ya gonna call? Mouse Busters!

The little guys are starting their own business. At this time the score is Harper and Ramona, 3, Mice 0. It gets pretty wild here around 3 AM when they are chasing a terrified critter who should know better than to come out in the open when these two are around. I found one hiding in my slipper one morning. I'm not in the least afraid of mice, since I kept them as pets when I was a kid. I just picked up my slipper and dumped mousie out the window, onto the roof, to Ramona's chagrin. Mice aren't allowed in the house, I figure they should know that by now so if they get killed, the next generation should be smarter. But I won't turn one over to the hunters if it is smart enough to find a place like my slipper to hide in. And we have pretty mice, brown with big eyes and a white underbelly.

Last night the wind was whipping around here and Harper came to snuggle in my arms. We kept the wood stove going and it is below zero right now. Our biggest snow storm in two years is predicted for tonight. Yippee. We could get two feet.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I purr, therefor I am

Is it even possible this world was here before me?

I purr, therefore I am.

I am Beautiful, Herself tells me so.

Tomorrow is my purrday (and Ramona's of course)

I will be one year old.