Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hey Mona, Wake Up!

Hey Mona, wake up! It's not raining!
Go away, Brother. Let me sleep.

Hmmm. what's a Boy Cat to do?

I know! Hey there, lick lick lick.

Lick lick lick, wake up sleepy heaf, wake up!

This will get her. lick lick lick.

Go way, I said. I sleepy!

Now, where was I? zzzzzzzzzzzzz

hmmmph. Brave Boy Cat must go out on patrol.

Lot to do out there, yanno.
Here I go.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is Harper Growing?

Here is Harper in his garden. What do you think he is growing and why does he look so happy?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dancer is Singing

Two weeks ago I visited Dancer and I was a little worried about him. He wouldn't let anyone touch him and if you did he broke out into a long story about everything that had happened to him and he was quite cantankerous about it. I was concerned that he was feeling pain from the operation.

But last week when I saw him he was running around the shelter singing his wonderful chirpy songs and dancing over the floor. He is still quite thin and what he needs now is a home with someone who will give him time and attention. Someone who understands what he has been through and will be patient with him. Someone willing to take time to connect with him.

His eyes are still that wonderful eerie color. His ammonia levels are normal now and he has every chance of living a long happy kitty life. He is in the main adoption room now so I hope it won't be long for him. I know there were some people interested in him and his story and I will let you know what happens.

The Cheddar kittens are being adopted, two have already gone home. Mom and Dad are together, Mom will have surgery when her milk dries up. Ryan misses his kittens but the kittens were cheerful in their front room condo where they will not stay long as they are all gorgeous.

Mom's shelter name is Sandie. But I think she should be a Ginger. I visited them last week and they are both sweet, loving felines. If I had a million and a large cat ranch I would have taken the whole family for the chance to observe them and their relationships.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shelter Visit

Here are some current residents. Tomorrow, Dancer Update.

Fawn, recovering from a car encounter







Bo's Tail



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

He Knows Where I Work

Harper has learned how to get to the office, much to his delight. After morning Border Patrol (done by humans), we go to our studio on the second floor of the inlaws home next door. The cat fence encompasses both buildings but there is no cat door access to the building. So Harper, knowing that my FIL is up as early as we are, goes over to the house, yells to get in and then yells to be let through the doors leading to the office.

Yesterday he was delighted with himself, yelling and purring in alternate bursts while we hugged him. Then he was in and out of the air conditioned studio room exploring and claiming all the new territory. Uncle Sid also likes to explore the office at night so there is a positioning campaign going on.

Harper is very much a people cat. While Ramona is quite happy to stay in the area around the house's back door and garden, Harper wants to be with somebody. So after leaving us (being kicked out by me because he wouldn't settle down) he spent the afternoon at my FIL's feet in the screen porch.

Clever Boy Cat!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ryan's Story

People seem to be surprised at me being a loving Daddy Cat to my kits here at this place my family has landed. I'm not sure why they are so surprised, I mean, they are my kits too and single parenthood is a huge job for a Lady Cat. My wife feeds them and does most of the washing up but there is nothing like Daddy to snuggle up to to feel safe and secure. I guess most of the families here are single parenthood but we're a team, me and Her.
I love my little kits and it's a nice feeling when they cuddle up and let me know they love me.

(Ryan came out of this box to see me when I arrived, the three kits were sleeping)

At first I was kind of nervous when we moved here. I mean, there are dogs all over the place and lots of people. We weren't too secure in the place we came from either so I didn't know what was going on. But days passed, the kits grew and the people were kind and the food was good and lots of it for the kits and us. At first I hid out protecting my kits in a dark box but nowadays I know it is safe to come out and get a pet or two from a human.

This woman person came in yesterday with a big black clicky thing. It went click a few times and then I climbed on her lap. Hey, she smelled nice, a bit of nip and a bit of cat. She wasn't a grabber or anything. I liked her and I could tell she liked me.

I know things are gonna change for us and I haven't wanted to talk to Lady about it. The kits are growing and people have been coming in and admiring them. Of course they will, my kits are beautiful, real stunners and smart too. I'm not sure what will happen to me and my Lady but all I can do is have hope for a good life together.

Ryan, Daddy Cat