Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Interrupt This Broadcast

To bring you a weather report from the Frozen North. Yes, that is looking out the back door and yes it is as high as it looks. I crawled out on top of it to refill the bird feeder, to happy chickedees singing around my head.

Snow today, snow yesterday and more snow coming your way soon.

Storm warnings for the mountains of northern New Hampshire.

Yeah yeah yeah. It was fun at first and it will still be fun but hey, it's kind of wild here at the moment. I came in to find Harper staring at the wall of snow at the back door. When I came over to see what was getting his fixed attention, I saw a tiny little white creature staring back. It was some kind of ermine, very small and pure white with black, intelligent eyes.

I guess we'll get spring someday. I hear there are crocuses blooming in Sweden after one of the warmest winters ever.

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter Cats

There hasn't been a whole lot to write about these last couple of weeks and I haven't wanted to waste your time with stories like "I forgot to clean Harper's bathroom and he reminded me by pooping on the rug exactly where I walk to the exercise bike in the morning."

We have all felt like we are living in an igloo. The snow is still piled high against the sun room windows and Olof got out there and shoveled so we'd get some sun. There is another storm projected for tomorrow and then one for Friday. Yet the basil plants on my windowsill are saying spring is here by suddenly starting to grow after doing nothing since December when I bought them. There is at least a month of great cross country skiing left and yesterday we did over 20 k. Today we are paying for it.

At two years old, the kittens have become wonderful cats, both sweet natured and loving. Harper can be a rascal, he insisted on wrassling his sister off the bed a few times early this morning. When I got up at 6:30 she just opened one eye and said "too early" and didn't get up with me. But by 8 am (after I finished reading the news and emails) she was ready for her morning Ritoiley when she runs downs the stairs before me proclaining "Yippe! It's a New Day!"

Harper yells at the bathroom door when he hears the water shut off, he wants to be brushed. He purrs and trills while I do every inch of him and gives me kisses. Sometimes Ramona comes in and hops in the sink for a touch up.

One of the nicest things about these two is they have not divided us up. They both love both of us. Sometimes Harper will run for Olof's lap no matter how I am trying to sweet talk him over and sometimes he runs for me and Ramona goes to Olof.

This is a couple named Cylde and Maia. They are at the shelter because their person died. Another reminder to all of us to be sure we have plans for our felines and canines if something happens to us. You don't see a lot of Meezers in the shelter so I really, really hope someone will come and take them as a pair. They are still unsure and shocked by their loss and clinging to each other.

Over at the Cat Blogoshpere I found the story of this guy, currently named Little Kit. He is at the Purrageous PIrates, somewhere on a sail boat.

The Purrageous Pirates hop over and send him some purrs.

And I said "ohmagosh, has Brendan been reborn? We always said he was a reincarnation of Saint Brendan the Navigator. It would be just like him to choose an ocean going life. Since Brendan was a Perfect Being, I don't know if he would choose to be reborn, but if he wanted to he certainly could manage it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vishus Squirrel

Do you see that Brother?

I do, Sister.

We gots to get out of here and chasey him.

Yeah, vishus squirrel. I'd like to chomp on his toes.

Yeah, and bitey his fluffy tail.

Where'd he go?

Heard us talking.

Squirrels are winps.

Yeah. Wimps.

Ramona: This wall of snow stuff gets old pretty fast, if you ask me.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

I never wished for snow. Never never never. It's you guys who are out sliding around the yard on long sticks acting like it's fun. I want my garden and I WANT IT NOW! I am tired of the Fur and Feather Channel. It's the same show with re runs. Make the snow go away. NOW!

Yes we are getting buried in the stuff so if you don't hear from us send every cat out with shovels. Caturday will be here somewhere. This is looking like a record year for snow in the White Mountains. We had a crew of younger people shoveling the roofs before the last two storms and they didn't look where they were pushing the snow so we won't be getting out the back door until spring. It set up like concrete.

Olof asked me why I didn't just go and shovel it out and then he tried it. You can see the top of the shovel sticking out of the snow. I will have to get out there and refill the bird feeder and probably move it higher up in the tree. Right now we just finished cleaning the driveway of about eight inches and now we are getting hail and rain on top of it. I will post some photos when the sky clears.

H and R race around the house like wild things and then sub dork somewhere under a pile of blankets. We have to be careful around any bedding that looks cat shaped. Their Super Twosday really wore them out, all the cats stopping by and then the Giant Purrade in New York. And all the news about Democats around the country was just too much for a couple of simple country cats, I think they slept for the next three days.

Thank you to all who sent cards and greeting. I need to catch up with my blog roll. It's wonderful to be part of the Cat Blogosphere. We sit here as the snow piles up around our igloo and keep up with the news from cats all around the world and feel like you are all our friends.

My seed order will arrive this week and spring will be on it's way. At least in our windows.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Twosday!

It's Super Twosday! The snow is coming down and the trees are covered in white. Harper is here purring away. Ramona is always happy in the morning "Another Day!" she says as I walk down the stairs and she leaps, "How Wonderful!"

Above is the card we got from Thank you Anna for the lovely card

She does amazing art pieces with cats.

Thank you Jasper Jasper McKitten-Cat

Fat Eric has sent Purrday greetings! Hi Eric, remember going to the Cat Olympics? Brendan has a great time taking the kittens, they were so small then!

Thank you Beezer for the beautiful animated card! I wish I could post it here, I’ll see if I can manage something. Ramona breally liked the cute girl kitty.

Hi Cheysuli and Gemini We are part Meezer too, yanno (the best part). You can hear Harper is a Meezer, he is very speakative! And he has the crook in his tail.

And what would a Purrday be without Sammy and Miles You gotta have Meezers for a good time! Thank you guys for doing so much for the Catosphere.

And Derby You are such a handsome guy Ramona says she loves you and wants your picture to put up by her throne.

And hi and Thank you toMeeko and Kiara The Lone Star Purrs down there in Oklyhoma.

This is a linky to Beezers card

I am going to start listing all our thank yous but I'll put this card up right away! Anyone who wants to can teleport over for squirrel vision, The Bird Channel will be on soon and you can climb on the cat trees with Ramona. We'll put out some Fancy Feast and bowls of Evo and sprink fresh Nip on the scratchy board. So come over and say hi while I dig up baby photos of the Two.
I'll get to work on some linkys here.

That is one of my favorite kitten photos of Harper. Those thumbs are just too much, don't you think?

They still love each other, though we don't see much of this anymore, now they are Two.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Harper is Surprised...

at all the attention his and Ramona's birthday is getting. Yes, Super Twosday is tomorrow and the kittens will officially be two years old. wow. I've shown them the map of the twenty four states that are participating in the celebrations and they are really impressed. At night when we are sitting in front of the Noisy Box they hear so much about their purrday they were getting a little nervous until we assured them it was going to be A Beautiful Normal Day, just the way they like it.

They are still kittens somehow, maybe it's because they have each other to play with. Last night we were trying to sleep while the games were going on. Some mornings I wake up early because there's a wrassling match happening on my feet.

I don't often let Prince Harper play Tiger with the blankets (that could lead to diasaster if someone left a toe out one night) but with winter still in progress and entertainment options limited to Inside and the Fur and Feather Channel (squirrel vision at the bird feeder), one day as I was making the bed I let him Let It All Out.

And Ramona came along to say "what are you doing?"

I have one lovely Purrday card to post tomorrow from Ann of I wanted to get a cake of some sort but I am scheduled to spend two hours in the dentist's chair tomorrow and might not feel up to cake. Thank you to Fat Eric and the Meezers for already sending Purrday wishes. Anybody else who wishes to say hi, tomorrow is the Big Day and you are welcome to stop by for some Squirrel Vision.