Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ramona, Dragon Slayer

A lady in the house, a tiger in the Secret Garden.

We did not mean to be away from blogging so long! But the furious end of the 4th of Julabor Day Weekend came upon us with company from France and relations. So with music and sailing kayaking and dancing and rain and sun, the summer winds down. Now we try to finish up all the video shoots that should look like summer so there are plenty of projects to edit come winter.

A lovely morning with the young ones in the Garden. Harper was a bit stressed by our leaving for two nights and having the Kitty Sitter come by. He missed us, he is a New Age Sensitive Guy and he showed us his feelings by chomping on the fur on his belly and getting the runs. Ramona was cool, as she listened to Brendan who said that services were being provided and there was no cause for alarm. Harper was very very cuddly last night. Yesterday and today they got a good three hours of outdoor play time where both kittens waded in the pond (Miss R fell in yesterday but we won't talk about that), climbed trees, chased frogs and dug holes. I did not know that cats will dig holes like a dog but I guess that is the origin of the term "cat hole".

And Ramona caught a huge dragonfly which she was very proud of and then discovered a Big Fact.

Dragonflies Do Not Taste Good.

In other news, Arthur went home! Bucky will tell us that story later. And Ramona's Top Cats are working away. We have raised 1,050 as of this morning. We are not the top team since the Mutleys are at about 1500.00. But we're doing pretty good for a bunch of cats and a bunny. I am going to start on the flag this week and every cat's name will be on it that contributes. And if you can only contribute in spirit let us know and we will put your name on it too. Even if you are a dog.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Peaceful Day

There is a bat living in a corner of our porch. It flew around the ceiling yesterday much to the amusement of two kittens.

"Did you see that brother?"
"You betch you sister! Let's get it!"

The bat escaped unharmed and wiggled itself into it's crevice.

The kittens then demanded loudly to go to the Secret Garden where a wonderful time was had by all.

Fundraising is going along well and Ramona is very excited about it all. We are not the top team at this time, since the Mutleys have a lot of off line donations which don't show up in the ratings but are there on their page. On line though, we are the Top Cats at 800.00 today!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ramona is Really Hoppy

Ramona is getting her stitches out this morning! She will be hoppy about that and..

Ramona says she is really hoppy that Fiona Bun
has joined her Top Cat Team!

She says that makes her team mulicultural. I said Ramona, what if a D-O-G wants to join?

We'll let him! She answered. And if we win a dog prize he can have it!

BTW, Thanks to Sarah Johnson for her support, I don't know who you are but I bet you have a cat who blogs.

Fat Eric, You'll be happy to know that Arthur has a person who wants to take him at the end of August. She has had to travel a lot in the summer so even though she likes him and he her, she felt it wouldn't be good for him that she was away from home a few days a week. So let's hope that works out for him soon!

For you blogging cats who can't join us ( I know many of you support your local shelters) you can help Ramona by posting her story oin your blog.

To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving

To sponsor me go to my page Ramona's Top Cats

Monday, August 14, 2006

In the Secret Garden

Here are some photos of the Secret Garden. We used a seven foot high deer betting to make a safe boundary with the edges being the pond and our summer gazebo. The fencing is a flexible black netting so you don't really see it in the photos. Harper and Ramona just love coming out here for an hour or two and they are exhausted when we bring them in. They don't like to be alone there so we sit with them. Last night we heard coyotes and Olof found a scat so it is not safe for them to be out on their own. I think they know this.

Many thanks to the cats so far on Ramona's Top Cat team,Beezer , Finnegan and Buddy and Bucky Bucky Thanks to Fat Eric for the donation!

To sponsor one of these hard working cats, just go to their page and help keep the Top Cats on top!

To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving

To sponsor Ramona go to my page Ramona’s Top Cats

And here is more of the Secret Garden!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ramona's Top Cats

It's just so exciting! I have four team members and we are the top team right now. We are starting early, we have until September 16th for the Walk for the Animals and new teams will start signing up soon and trying to catch up to us. Last year there were hundreds of woofers in the Walk. We are the first Cat Team.

Here is my team so far!

Beezer! California!

Finnegan and Buddy! North Carolina!

Bucky! The Canine Behavior Counselor at Conway Area Humane Society!

To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving

Or just come and see our pages!

To sponsor me go to my page Ramona’s Top Cats

Thank you Beezer and Finnegan and Buddy and Bucky!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Ramona's Big Dream

It’s Feline Friday at The Modulator

This is Ramona. It is a pretty day here and I want to go to my Secret Garden and play. But I am going to tell you about my Big Dream first.

When I was little I was very sick. I had a bad eye it was yellow in the middle and it hurt a lot. I didn't feel good and I didn't want to play. I also had Upper Respiratory Illness and I had some bad bugs. People took care of me and my brother Harper and now I am well and as soon as my belly fur grows back I will be beautiful again and as soon as I get those stitches out I can stop pulling on them. (Ramona, don't pull on those, please. Z)

I think of all the other little kids in shelter who need medical care and Zuleme told me how we could help them get the care they need. We started Ramona's Top Cats to raise money at the Walk for the Animals which will be September 16th in my town. I am going to have a flag with all my team members names on it and I want to win top prize and beat the woofers.

Beezer and Finnegan and Buddy are going to be on my team also. I hope more of you will join me. I would love to be International.

To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving

You have to click on Teams and then Ramona's Top Cats and then set up your own page. Your human can help you.

To sponsor me go to my page Ramona’s Top Cats

And Bucky is going to be on my team too!

First prize is a year of Nutro food. If we win we will donate it to the shelter. Especially if it is dog food!

Can I go play now? Oh, we have to help Bucky set up his page? Ok, then can we go play?


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hush! Brendan is sleeping

Yes, Harper and Ramona and Brendan are all doing fine. It's just that August thing. Summer weather, lots to do, not enough time to do it in. Once we're through with all the video shooting I will have more energy for writing.

Ramona is healing up just fine and she is her regular playful self. We took them out to the kitten garden yesterday for some play. Harper, of course was bouncing around like it was just a bad dream. Ramona will get her stitches out on the 15th. She appreciates all the emails and was glad to know the belly fur would grow back. I promised not to post any photos of her that show the empty spot. The scar is only about an inch and a half long.

I am thinking of getting together a cat team for the shelter's big fundraiser September 16th. It's called Walk for the Animals and we could have an on line pledge page.It is a Walk but of course, cats are not interested in going for a walk with a couple of hundred dogs, but we could have a flag with everycats name on it and someone would march for us. (I will have to take photos and video) It would be really exciting to have an international cat team, since the prize is called the Top Dog Challenge. First prize is, I think, a years worth of Nutro. We could donate it to the shelter if we won it. Wouldn't it be fun to beat the dogs? Would any of you join me in this? It would be so nice for the shelter since we have 110 cats right now. I bet Bucky from the shelter would be on our team. If any Caturday readers would join me in this please let me know. Email is Zuleme AT

Be sure to read Bucky's Blog The Secondhand Dog ! He has a nice story about his friend Gato today.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Just a short update because I have been editing all day and my hands are aching. I am working on a fund raising dvd for our shelter.

The kids spent all day resting peacefully in their kitten room and are still feeling sleepy. Brendan gave both of them lots of kisses and assured Miss R that she is still the girl of his heart, so she is not as upset about her shaved belly. Last night they were so excited and happy to be home they were a bit too bouncy but then they calmed down and slept all night in our room under their favorite foot stool covered with fleece. During part of the night they were both on top of me as usual.

This morning Ramona said she would like to rest in the guest room, their baby room. So I put the favorite foot stool in there and closed the door and that was that. They are not ready to come out yet but that is fine.

Bucky has been blogging about the kitten shower we are having Saturday for Fancy and about 40 other kittens. It's the season!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home Today

Surgery is over, went fine and I will pick them up at 4 PM. Usually they like to have the girls stay over but we figured there is no one there at night so we would rather watch over her at home. We will make a nest for Ramona and make sure she is ok.
Thanks for the purrs, she should be up and clmibing trees again soon. And I will post more photos of the kittengarden.
Brendan is awful lonely without them, he was howling and howling and then he crawled into their hiding spot under the footstool for a nap. But, being in tune with all things, I just came in the the house to tell him they were fine and he already knew.
But we'll all be glad to have the little guys back.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ramona's Secret Garden

Miss Ramona says "Isn't it wonderful?"

We built the safe kitty garden in the back yard with one edge being the pond. It is small, but big enough for them to be able to scamper around and there is plenty to explore and trees to climb. I am glad they got to spend a few days out there before their surgeries today.

We've been awake since about 3 :30 with Harper using us for a trampoline and asking where breakfast was. They have both been cuddling up. Brendan now wants breakfast but he will have to wait until they are in the car.

I'll be happy when this is over with and they are recovering!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ramona Makes A Phone Call

Ringgg Ringgg

Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital. How may we help you?

(little girl voice) This is Ramona and I'd like to cancel my appointment on Thursday.

Ramona, how do you spell your last name?


I see it. You have an appointment for spay surgery Thursday at 8 AM and you want to cancel?

Yes, please.

I see your brother Harper is scheduled at the same time for neutering. Do you wish to cancel his appointment also?

Oh, no. He'll be there!