Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shelter Photos

Shooting with my new camera, a Canon 5D MK II. Things are quiet at the shelter before the coming storm of kitten season. Two pregnant moms currently in foster care. I hope the spay/neuter program has made a difference in the numbers this spring.  Don't miss the story of Atlas and Ollie posted on the shelter's new blog





Hemingway (the toes of course)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What February Brought

This was taken a few days after we all arrived home from the thousand mile journey. Three years ago. They are grown up lovely, loving cats now. Ramona is still sweet and mysterious and wants to be with us. Harper is the huggiest boy cat I ever had. His favorite sleeping place is next to me with my arm around him. You can forgive a cat like that anything. Good thing, since when he is upset he sometimes poops on the rug. Yeah, I caught him doing it so I know it is not Ramona. As if Ramona would ever do anything so undignified.

I am just working my way through a pile of projects. I will be writing a full length video on steam trains. Should be fun. That is after I edit the German and French recordings.

The sun is higher now and it is the good time of winter. The buds on the trees are just starting to swell and the turkeys in the yard and figuring out who gets to keep the ladies. We have light from about 6:45 to after 5. It's nice. I got out the packets of seeds and I am trying to see which ones I think will germinate and which ones I really should buy fresh. I'm being thrifty, well as much as I can be.

We've been slogging through our winter routine here but it will end soon with the first day you can open the windows. That will probably be in March.

And then we'll fix the fence and everyone will stumble out into the sunlight. ahh spring is on the way out there somewhere.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Harper and Ramona are raising heck this morning. How can two cats make such thundering paws? And there is a lot of mrrr mrrrs and floofy tails going on. I think it is spring fever since we saw a robin yesterday though the snow is way up over my knees.

Not a whole lot of news here, we're just working away and watching the snow pile up. I'll be editing the translation of my audio tour in German and French and then I have a large writing project that will take me to spring. And we are dealing with those tedious internet issues when you have a bunch of domain names and web sites.

The felines have adjusted fairly well to being indoors, though it drove Harper nuts at first. Sometimes we take him over to visit next door. He likes that.

I'll catch up with blogging when I have something that resembles free time.

Meow to all