Friday, August 31, 2007


Yes we have had to say goodby to Brendan. I know I haven't posted for quite a while. Summer has been very busy here and we watched as Brendan spent the summer saying goodby to the things he loved on this planet. He wasn't afraid to be leaving, though of course, we were afraid of losing him.

Since he was a Perfect Being he chose a perfect full moon night to travel to the Bridge, He had one day of telling us he was ready, he would not eat at all and he lay with his head down on the sofa. We called his gentle vet who had offered to help when he was ready. She called an experienced friend and they helped him go to sleep while he lay in his favorite bed. He was not afraid and he did not suffer.

He had already explained to Ramona and Harper that he would be leaving and they would be in charge of the Kingdom until we were all together again at the Bridge so the young ones have not suffered. Ramona has been with us every night, Harper is his usual happy go lucky self.

We miss Brendan very much and we will miss him the rest of our lives here. He lived a perfect feline life and I will post some more photos from that life soon. He landed with his brother, Finnegan, in a small, dismal shelter in Maine (long since improved), where he chose Olof as his person. He had a happy fun filled kittenhood wrestling with Finnegan, an adventure filled youth in the woods and barn next door, a peaceful and responsible adulthood caretaking his large property and an unexpected romance in his elder years that brought hin great happiness and comfort.

All his life he was calm, wise, amused at the antics of his humans, kind and tolerant to others.

If we are here on this planet to learn then Brendan only had a few things to learn that I could see. One is that ducks exist and it's ok. And the other is the sweetness of being part of a tribe. It took Harper and Ramona to bring out the caretaking parent in Brendan and we watched as Ramona won his heart and Harper his acceptance. When the kittens came home from their spay/neuter, Brendan planted kisses on both their heads to tell them it was all right. He brought them a live mouse to demostrate what they should do as house cats. And they often slept together in harmony.

All told, it was a perfect life lived by a perfect being and we are honored to have loved him during his sojourn on this planet. We will all be together at the Bridge.