Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shelter News

This is Penny, isn't she sweet? She just arrived, all on her own but she isn't afraid.

This little girl came in with a family group of about seven cheddars. They were still rather shy when I came in for photos.

This is Ike, one of Whimsey's seven kits. She is a very calm, laid back momcat and all the kittens take their cues from her.

Tammy. She had been at the shelter a long time when I first started there. She was adopted out and was gone for a year. A few days ago she was found abandoned. She is pretty confused about things. I thought they loved me, she says.

Another one of Whimsey's litter of seven.

Sweet Tucker has been adopted and will be going home on Tuesday. This time we hope the people don't have any silly dogs. Tucker is a love of a big boy and just wants to be with someone.

Buddy, one of the cheddar group.

Julie, who is very very pregnant and will have kits soon. I bet they will be beautiful.

Another one of the cheese family. These are two litters of different ages.

And Mandy, in a thoughtful pose.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had mentioned a while ago that Dancer seemed to be in a bad mood sometimes and I was concerned about him. Turns out he had some kind of infection in his mouth and that is what he was complaining about.

Nowadays he is doing just fine. He is eager to get out and roam around when possible and he is in the adoption room looking for a home. His eyes are still that extraordinary copper color and I hope his human will come along soon. He is a handsome, lively boycat.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rosey's Story

I couldn't remember the last time I'd eaten. I was weak, dirty and oh so tired. And things hurt but I couldn't tell where. I was lying by the side of the road and my mind was drifting way away from my poor, thin, frail body.

Then I felt hands picking me up. I was back inside my fur but I couldn't move. I knew I was being put inside one of those monsters that thunder down the road. I was dizzy. And I was so thirsty my tongue was stuck to the inside of my mouth.

Then I was in a room with bright lights on a cold hard table. I could hear voices then.

"She's barely alive, if she is alive. The kindest thing would be to put her to sleep."

"NO!" I said inside myself. But I was deep deep inside. It was like a nightmare. I needed to yell and I couldn't!

I realized I had a chance. I had a chance to live. I wanted to live so much. I wanted to have a full belly and see the sun and smell things and feel the warm breeze. If I could only do something to let these humans know I was alive. So I struggled and struggled inside myself. What could I do? I could hear the humans preparing a needle fo me. It would take me to the Rainbow Bridge. But I wasn't ready to go. I struggled and struggled.

I moved my paw. Just a little.

"She's alive!" someone said.

From that moment on things have gotten better and better for me.

I got food and water. I've been resting in a warm place on a soft bed. I feel safe. Some things aren't right with me and probably never will be. But I have a chance.

And I've learned from the other cats around me that this place is safe. Humans come in here to meet you. They are looking for companionship. Feline companionship.

I think I had a human once. I don't remember what happened. But it sounds nice to be with someone and sit on a lap and be talked to nice and purr a lot. Yes, that does sound good to me. I would like to never be lonely again.

So I wait here and I have hope and I am not afraid.

Note: Rosey is at the shelter in Conway and she is patiently waiting and hoping for someone to love and be loved by. She has some neurological issues (she can't walk perfectly) but she is a lovely lady cat and we hope the future will be kind to her.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ramona's Modeling Career

The Rozzie May Animal Alliance is starting a pet food pantry for our area and Miss Ramona graciously agreed to pose for the press release. Then Harper was jealous that he wasn't asked to pose so he did, twice, hoping I would get out the camera. But PH looks a little too, hmmm, well fed, to pose for a pet food pantry. However, if he poses again today before I take the display down I will take his photo. Just so he feels ok about it.

Yesterday we did Day Two of a three day video shoot planned for this summer. It had been put off for weeks because of weather. (I had planned to have the three days done by August 11th). Everything went perfectly and the team of eight worked together to pull it all off. I was stressed out worrying about things I could not control e.g. how many tourists would be in the areas we needed to shoot in, so we started at 8 AM on our main street, which was beautifully quiet and then we went on to a riverside spot that is a zoo by midday. We got gorgeous shots at every location and our new HD tapeless camera worked like a charm.

so, whew, I have one day to take it a bit easy and then tomorrow I need to be organized for Wednesday's shoot which will be on top of a mountain in Franconia Notch. I need clear skies and will pack a picnic for eight.

After that we will resume our regular programming on Caturday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Itty Bittys

Three itty bittys found in a closet when some folks moved in. No momcat.

I'm Duke! And yes my eyes are green and blue.



Hey, way cool!

Look look! It's Mommy! It's Mommy!

Mommy it's us! Don't you remember us?


HISSSSSSS! Go away little ragamuffins!

Not Mommy, Duke. Come on, we play.

Our Brillante Choices

First of all, we want to join the rest of the Cat Blogosphere in sending our condolences to the family of little Violette.

Here are my choices to receive the Brillante Blog Award

First of all Artsy Catsy.

Anyone who takes in fifteen formerly feral felines and then finds Mr. Milky on their doorstep and takes him in too, well, brillant might not be quite the word for that, but their artwork certainly is. And the fact that they plan to travel around in an RV with the cats doing artwork, hey you guys can park here at Caturday anytime you're rolling through the White Mountains.

Next And then there were!

Because he hasn't posted for a long time and we miss hearing about Dolce, Baci, Magoo and Bella. So maybe getting an award will encourage some more of his good stories.

Then there is Wildrun

Because she is out there doing the hard work looking after the welfare of feral felines.

Next, Gandalf and Grayson

Their Story Game looks really cool and I will have to add in some thoughts as soon as I catch up on the 128 shelter photos I took yesterday!

And last, but certainly not least (not at all least) Fat Eric

How could we not love the good natured and so British man cat?

I did have some runners up, but I could only give out five awards!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Brillante and PH does the Full Monty

Hey did you hear? We're Brillante! And we do the full Monty with style! Thanks very much to Alasandra and the Cats.
Tomorrow we'll make our choices for Brillante Blogging!

Ever since I was a wee one I have done the Full Monty with my very own sense of style, don'tchaknow?

Me and my sister, me doing my Monty.

I gets tired.

We is Royalty. Me Prince Harper, her is Queen Ramona. That's why we have red velvet throne.

Here I is as a Young Feline with Royal style. Whaddya think? Am I not a Prince of felines?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mission Improbable

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is enter a small confinement with four small wild animals, shy and fearful, bouncing off the walls, in a room painted salmon pink. Get said tiny creatures to relax and pose in charming ways so photos can be posted on the internet resulting in loving homes. This catnip mouse will self destruct in five minutes......

I'm outta here

Just relax, keep your eye on the bouncing ball.

That's it!

I'm not sure about that big black thing.

Is this the I'm so adoptable head tilt you want?
Yes, fanks!

Can I see that bouncy ball again?

I'm shy.

Well, not so shy.

aaaahhhh, nice pose boyo.

And another after a game of catch the mousie.

This one is aiming for a full time modeling job.

I am not coming out from under this chair and you can't make me.

Except if you wave a rattly toy around. (Note, photographers trick, waving fingers to get them to look at you works too.)

This relaxed pose lasted all of one second.

Hey, this is yummy!

And finally, Mr. Shy Guy comes around.
In other news, Tucker was not in his regular spot in the shelter yesterday and things were so busy I forgot to ask. I'll check today and keep my fingers crossed he got adopted. Will let you know.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Many Faces of Ramona

With her adored husband, Brendan. The romance that surprised and delighted us during Brendan's last years.

A kitty girls gets tired sometimes.

Showing her flirting technique that won the old fella over. How could anyone resist?

And she grew up to be Queen. And to sing about it.

That look.

The sleepy face look. Dreaming deep tiger girl dreams.

The face that launched an appeal for the shelter.

This one is by my computer. Forever Mona.

Her ballet steps, This finished with that lovely stretch. First the right leg, then the left.

Loves her brother too.

And with Brendan.

Two tiny kits in their kitten room. Ramona was very ill during this time and we were afraid she would lose her eye.

But she is a Tiger Girl and keeps Prince Harper in line.

My sweetheart, my Tiger Girl.