Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Are Family

There is something really really wrong with people who don't love kittens.
Just my humble opinion.
These three little orphans are waiting for a home at the shelter. Wouldn't it be nice if they could all go together?
Instant family!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ramona Cleans up

It's very important to be clean you know.

Every little bit must be attented to.

Good for my health and my feline beauty.

I am a Beauty, you know. Everyone says so.

I clean around every claw.

And then I go do Brendan too. He needs a little help.

There. Done!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Good to Have A Sister

Ramona was sleeping peacefully in the circular, Harper next door in the bigger bed, when suddenly he seemed to get a little lonely. So there's the two of them, ying yang. I'd never adopt s single kitten again. And if I find one in the back yard I'll go get it a friend. They are so content when they have a bud and just like people, it has to be the right one. The shelter we got the kittens from was smart enough to know that these two were a pair. That's why when I asked for Ramona as well as Harper, they gave her to me even though there were other applications for her, because they knew she and Harper were bonded.

Not much going on here this week. Ramona caught mouse five and did her imitation of Growl Tiger around 3 AM. I found one pitiful remain in the kitchen and now there is a distinct oder of Eau de mouse morte in the bedroom. I can't find it but I guess I'll have to get out the flashlight.

The score? Ramona/Harper five. Mice zero. Not even a scratch on the Tigress or her back up guy.

We almost lost our snow. Shoveled out a path to the sitting place and enjoyed one day in the sun. Then we got about eight inches of heavy wet white stuff. Once you're in the mood for spring it might as well melt, especially when it is too funky to use your good skis. Or, like us, you're passing the wicked bad valley cold back and forth.

I'm working on this audio tour project so I get to curl up with my mac, my cats and a stack of library books looking up exactly where all those grand hotels were and how tall was Ethan Allen really (seven feet, they say). This area has a lively history of settlers and characters, people who trekked miles through the notches, up and down the mountains, building farms and running hotels. These mountains were a hotbed of tourist travel in the 1800's when people wanted to connect with Nature as a spiritual activity. There was a huge hotel on top of Mount Washington and there is still a road to the summit you can drive up and a cog railway going up the other side. Bit of a disappointment, if you don't know about it, to hike up the 6200 feet and then find a huge modern building (the Observatory) and tour buses unloading to the cafeteria and snack shop. It's a long story. When the audio is done I'll post a link to it for anyone who is interested. I've made videos about Mount Washington so I know most of the stories.

I know they are not kittens any more at 13 months but these two still act like kittens which is fine by me. They run around the house up and down the stairs playing hide and seek. They're up much of the night hunting the mighty mouse and they cuddle up from about noon till evening. They're both sweet.

It amazes me that an animal who is really a wild thing can settle in so happily to a loving relationship with people. I guess it shows you how smart cats are. They know a good life when they get it.

Harper is just the nicest guy. He's an innocent. He has no plans for running the place though he sometimes bosses his sister around (or tries to). She just puts up with it but there is nothing serious about it. When you call his name he flops down and rolls over for a belly rub and says something like "merack!" It's like having a big teddy bear. And when he shows up at 3AM for a hug he hops up and gives a little cry to make me roll over and then he flops down and snuggles up and purrs. His purr is like a tractor idle. Loud and rough. URRRR URRRR URRRR. Though I call it "snorkle snorkle snorkle" He loves to be carried around with his paws on my shoulder. Really, just a big teddy bear of the nicest kind.

Ramona could not be mistaken for a boy cat. She is all girl. Since she is our first girl cat I find it fascinating that she is so female. I think she is the best hunter and she has this wonderful self contained attitude. She doesn't need a hug in the middle of the night but she will suddenly decide that she wants to be near you and she will come either sit close to you or hop up on your lap. She is dainty and keeps herself perfectly clean. Harper has somethings to learn in that department. Her purr is softer and her meows are higher and feminine. If she is sleeping downstairs and wakes up alone she will give out a plaintive call "where is everybody?"

Brendan goes to the chiropractor every month and gets acupuncture. He is an old man but he is doing fine for all that. He has cabin fever and wants to go out every morning. These days we walk around with him. He's been an outdoor going cat all his life but he is slowing down so we feel we should keep more of an eye on him. He smells for the spring. He says it's not here yet. Brendan is very bossy, he runs the tribe and he runs us too. He yells for attention, when he wants food, when he wants to go for a walk and when he wants a nice warm bath. He gets bits of kitty litter stuck in his front paws and I think that is because his paws are spread out more in his senior years, the kittens don't get that. I am switching to the Feline Pine from a clumping Arm and Hammer. I love the clumping one and so do the cats but I am having to clean Brendan's paws everyday and he DOES NOT LIKE IT.

I hope everyone saw the notice about the pet food recall. I am posting the web site for the page with the cat food brands. Do check it out as there are a lot. The web site is rather odd. It is called the menufoods income fund. I think they have taken some stuff down but the list of foods is there for both dogs and cats. They say they have tracked it down to a supplier of wheat gluten. I don't see what wheat gluten is doing in pet food. We use Evo dry without any grain but Brendan loves the new Max Cat Gourmet Classics which does have wheat gluten in it. Nutro was one of the companies affected but Brendan's line isn't on the list. I think Wellness is the best wet food as far as quality but he is 17 and he loves this food and will eat it three times a day. With the Wellness it was hit or miss. And he is thriving at this time.

Maybe I could just add some tomato paste.

If your cats were people what would their occupations be? If you don't comment on Blogger you can email me Zuleme AT zuleme dot Com. Then I'll tell you what we came up with for the Tiger Tribe.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cabin Fever

It's March and it was something like 20 below with the wind chill last night. Or the night before. Unusual for March to be so cold. We got nice snow, we got out in it, then it started freezing and Olof got a wicked cold so we haven't been out since Saturday. Cabin fever sets in about now in the Frozen North while we read about daffodils coming up in France. The kittens are vastly entertained by the bird and squirrel show going on at the feeder placed outside the window by my painting table. But they need to get out and run around. Harper is a little butterball. And it's not that he's a chow hound. Ok so maybe it's just kitten fat. Ramona is a round little thing too. Not that Brendan minds, he says he likes them Rubenesque.

Afternoons find everyone at the beach. The warm spot in front of the heater. Or on the couch next to it.

As soon as a warm spell hits we shovel out a path to the patio. We still have about 14 inches on the ground. Not much, I've seen Aprils with three feet. We're just waiting for that spring air. Brendan goes out in the driveway and lifts his head smelling for it.

It ain't here yet.