Thursday, March 30, 2006

Brendan Speaks

Brendan here. Things have been far too unsettled around here lately. First, I was hauled over to Portland for a night while They went somewhere. Then Herself was gone for two whole nights and as soon as she got back we were unceremoniously packed up and taken to Portland again for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS without my staff (me and that large black and white fellow who purrs a lot).

I made my displeasure known by howling at the top of my lungs throughout the night.

I don't mind riding in that thing that goes fast as long as I can sit with The Big Lug, look out the window and make sure he is control. And really, Portland is nice. The floors are warmer than at my house and someone is always cleaning them. Meals are on time though not served with the devotion I inspire at home.

But being without my staff is not tolerable and I have announced it is not to happen again.

The other disturbing thing is I keep hearing jokes about Entertainment Arriving Soon and the family Doubling In Size.

I do not like the sound of this.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Here is another orange fellow from the shelter. Our shelter keeps cats in small groups or in single condos. They have very strong health policies and it is an education for me to see how much work and thought they put into maintaining health. Volunteers and staff come in at 7AM and clean every cat area. The cat room does not smell in the least, so that tells you something.

I am on my short stop over at home while we pack up and head to Portland with Brendan and Silas, then down to the Cape to be with my family for a couple of days. I had an exhausting and wonderful weekend at the writer's workshop. I got to have a one on one session with an editor and a well known children's book writer, be in a small critique group and read my work out loud to the group of 23 women. The amazing thing is the author and editor hung out with us for the entire time and we got to know them as people. Plus, each one did a presentation.

The editors presentation was great. She explained why her company no longer accepts manuscripts unsolicited. They had an open door policy and in one year got ten thousand manuscripts. They read every one and not a single one was acceptable. The company decided to spend its energy going to writer's conferences and meeting people who were serious writers.

The great thing for me is I asked if I could send her my book after I had done the rewrites she suggested (from just reading the first ten pages). She said yes so now I have to really go over it and be sure it is the best I can make it.

And yes, the kittens are still planned for sometime in April. And won't that be wonderful? We will be driving to Paradise Gardens in NY State to pick them up. I looked on Petfinder a few days ago and there was one left from this beautiful family. He is probably taken by now. The mother has been adopted too, with a kitten I believe. Her name is Maya and she is gorgeous.

Caturday is supposed to start running as a newspaper column but I haven't seen it start yet in the paper. I am going to use it to showcase cats who need a good home.

It will be a busy spring. And there's that catnip to plant and Finnegan's Garden to take care of.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Funny Face

This little black kitty had quite a funny personality. I was trying to take photos in a group room and she wouldn't let me be.

I am at the wiritng workshop today. It is really nice to have time to talk to other women writing for children and teenagers. We'll be busy today until 9:30 and after that people tend to hang out and talk.

One of the women here wants to adpot Kingly, if I can bring him to NY State when we go to pick up Harper and Ramona. We'll see. I don't know if Kingly much likes car travel. But then, I don't know how the kittens will handle it either!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Miss Kitty No Name

She actually does have a name, I just don't remember it after seeing maybe forty cats and taking photos of anyone not on Petfinder.

I am in a bit of a rush getting ready to go to Vermont for the weekend and then down to the Cape again. Yes, Mom we are coming.

I'll try to do some blogging depending on net access. Since I will be at a college this weekend they really should have a wap.

I will be writing a fundraising video for our local shelter. They want to try to finish off the huge boarding kennel and get it going as a way to create income to run the shelter. The building is up, the inside needs to be done. I am also starting a dog blog which you will be able to see shortly. Called The Secondhand Dog, it will focus on stories of dogs rescued and getting a new life in the North Country. Since Roz is collecting a van load from a shelter in Tennessee, these will be good stories. And I'm sure you would like to hear about Olivia, the little black Katrina puppy. She has been adopted and though she still weighs half of what she should, she has turned the corner.

So stay tuned.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Another fellow at the shelter. I call him Kingly but I don't think that is his name. Our shelter has a 1% kill rate and that is only for animals that just can't make it.

Olof has a theory that if you recorded a cat's miow and put it in some software and lowered the pitch you would get....


I am tiger hear me roar. In Kingly's case though it would be...

I am Lion hear me roar.

Yes, we do think he is somewhat Maine Coon. He is a lovely guy looking for a home.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

At the Shelter

I spent a few hours at the shelter doing photos for Petfinder. The black kitty above is living in one of the communal rooms for cats who get along in groups. They have the new Foster Smith house which I am of course, buying for the kittens.

That is Arthur. He is a Katrina rescue and is a Thinker. He looks at you with calm, intelligent eyes and would be a wonderful companion.

This is Destiny. A lovely soft kitty who is friendly except to other cats. She needs to go to a one cat home.

This is Olivia. Yes, she is a dog on Caturday. Olivia is a little Katrina rescue who came up to the North after a thirty hour trip when she was only four weeks old and very very sick with Parvo. There was a litter of six, one died, all were sick. I think one has been adopted out ( I saw two playing together). The last time I saw Olivia she was a sad little bundle of miserable black fur huddled into a blanket in a private room. Yesterday she was up and about and wistfully claiming my attention from inside her crate, still in a private room but turning the corner. Olivia will go to a loving home and have a wonderful life.

These guys are a family that has never been separated. Their owner died. And wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would come along and adopt all four? They are so funny together that the shelter people love them. They have their own apartment.

Silas will write back to all his friends and I think he will be happy to decorate for the Catolympics with his collection. He is looking forward to being a torch carrier but he says he really doesn't want to wrestle since he is not a competitive guy. He believes in peace and harmony. Good thing for this animal family since the PolyPaws will be arriving in April!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Silas Speaks

As you can see I am pretty used to puters. I read a lot too, over Herself's shoulder so I can spell really good too. Every morning I read some of my friend's blogs. But I don't get a puter to myself ever since I made one talk. Yup. I hit just the right keys to make Olof's puter talk. It was cool. But he doesn't let me have his puter now.

We have been real busy here at Caturday lately so Herself asked me to write here because she is tired and Brendan is meditating and he doesn't want to blog. He meditates a lot. He is trying to bring peace to the world. Herself says Beezer is a Thinker and I am a Gentleman. I am kind of a quiet guy. I like my penthouse and my bottle cap collection. I collect granola bar wrappers too and milk bottle rings. Those are cool things don't you think?

Herself is going to Vermont this weekend and Olof is going to have to take care of us. Brendan only eats when Herself feeds him so I hope he will eat something. He is an old fella and he says he deserves special tention. So he gets Herself's lap because he needs tention. That's ok.

I have heard the beans talking about me getting some kids to play with. A brother and sister! They will be here next month and they have big feet! We will have lots of games. I hope they will have their own penthouse. I hear they are going to have their own club anyway. The PolyPaws. I have joined the Tuxedo Gang. I am always perfectly dressed in my black suit. Herself says I am her Cat in Black.

It will be good to have some little kids around.

It would be nice if all my friends would write to me. I am going to carry a torch in the Catolympics but I don't know if I will sign up for an event. I am a big guy but I don't do the small box event and I am a great wrestler but I don't like to fight. I muck about a lot. If there is a muck about event I could do that. I am a peaceable sort but I do like to play games. That;s it! I am great at Paw Over Paw.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Harper and Ramona

I just talked to Don at Paradise Gardens and Harper and Ramona are doing very well. Ramona is still getting antibiotics for her eye from the URI but all kittens are raising heck like kittens should.

I will send over some toys that I have handled a lot, plus a t-shirt and some things that smell of Brendan and Silas. I can hardly wait to see them. Don will send more photos too which I will post as soon as I g et.

Oh happy Caturday!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pawprints Two

Here is the new Pawprints

Fergus Looks Out

Some days I just feel like looking at photos of Fergus. This photo was taken at my in laws where Ferg's favorite spot was under this footstool. Brendan claimed the top level. From his spot, Fergus would keep an eye and ear on everything going on. You'd see his ears twitching and his eyes moving. He had the most expressive face I have ever seen on a cat.

See what I mean?

The end of a long day and a busy week. I didn't even make Feline Friday. I finished a new Pawprints and wrote a Caturday for the paper, then didn't have the photo to go with it. So I'll get that going next week. Also finished another short but complex video. Then we packed up both cats and drove to Portland and then we'll go to the Cape for the weekend to see my mom. Next weekend is my writing workshop and then friends from Texas and then I sure hope I will be going to NY to get Harper and Ramona. I haven't heard how they are doing since I talked to Lynn last week.

There are some lovely cats at the shelter. Three Katrina cats arrived and they look very content to be in their room warm and well fed. One, Arthur, an orange tabby, has a wonderful wise face. He seems like he has seen it all. I will try to get a good photo of him. The three little tiger kittens will be available for adoption soon and so is their mom, Lacey. She is Misty Willow's sister.

A couple of people have asked me to recommend books on health and nutrition. I will go through what I have and write about the ones I think I have learned from. Good nutrition for cats is really just common sense, though I didn't even think about it until after we lost Finnegan. I made the mistake of thinking that the food you can buy in your supermarket is actually good for your cat. Right now I think some of the best is the new Inova Evo dry food, which has no grain and Wellness. My boys are thriving on the Inova and I give Silas Wellness lite for his nighttime munchie bowl. He likes the Inova better so he doesn't eat much of the Lite but I can't put down just Lite because Brendan needs to keep weight on.

Brendan likes his food with a lot of warm water so it is soupy. He will sit in front of his dining area when he is hungry and silently let you know he would like something and at night he eats dinner from a foot stool in front of the TV. And he wants me to sit with him while he eats and I hold the food up or put it on his little table so it is raised up a little. Hey, he is old he can have some service.

For wet food, which I give Brendan twice a day and Silas doesn't care for except once in a while, I use Wellness and there is a Solid Gold Tuna they like plus there is a new brand with funny names like California Roll and New England Boil. Brendan really likes those and the ingredients are good. Cats are not grain eaters so it doesn't make sense that their food should have grain in it. Fergus reacted to grain and he would scratch himself. That's when my vet told me about Evo and it helped.

I did try some things suggested in books like The Natural Cat. I cooked chicken and rice with vegetables. That went down ok but not always. I tried raw food which no one would eat. Fergus just loved Fancy Feast so I would let him have it once in a while. I think it is junk food but hey, we eat junk food once in a while too.

We shot about an hour and a half with our vet and I learned a lot. There will be sections on Pawprints of health tips. The first one is on spay neuter. I didn't know the best time was before the first heat at in between five and seven months of age and that female cats can get mammary cancer, which is very often malignant. You can watch the video on the net as soon as I post the link.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Life in Cats Part Three

After Seamus died on the road (this was about sixteen years ago) and Olof and I spent the day painting the house with tears running down our faces, the house was very, very empty without a feline. So we headed over to Bridgeton, Maine where the nearest shelter was located. At the time the shelter was rather a depressing place, small, dank and crowded. (It has since become better funded and is clean, light and warm)

I don't remember how many cats or kittens were in the room because I didn't dare look at them all. I could only take one. So I aimed right for the cage with three kittens in it, picked out a cute tuxedo and said, "this one". He squirmed and wiggled and was obviously going to be a handful. That's alright, I like them that way.

But next to him sat a sweet little tiger who tilted his head to one side (doesn't that always get you?) and beamed a secret message right into Olof's brain.

"No one is ever going to pick me," the kitten cried piteously.

And Olof was a goner.

We drove home with Finnegan squirming and Brendan sitting calmly on Olof's shoulders purring. And that's the way it was.

Olof had found his soulmate and I had a terror on my hands. It was wonderful.

When we got them home we gave them a meal. A good meal. Stinky goodness. They are until their little tummies looked like golfballs and then they immediately set about cleaning themselves up to be proper house kitties, side by side like synchronized wind up toys. They both had colds but we didn't know anything about Upper Respiratory Infections so we figured they had colds and they would get over it. They did. They also seemed to understand that their status in life had gone up about one thousand percent and that was great with them.

That first night they slept on our faces. The next night on our chests and then to our feet where they stayed for fourteen and a half years.

The two of them would race up and down our wooden stairs like a herd of elephants and then do all the cute kitten things like cuddle up together. As they grew up we became a closely knit, content animal family. Finnegan belonged to me ( or vice versa) and Olof belonged to Brendan. Each night, each cat settled onto his private lap. Finnegan slept on my feet and Brendan on Olof's.

Brendan went to work in the wood shop and would sit on the table saw while Olof ran wood through it. He trusted Olof completely. One day Olof ( on his motorcycle) found him walking along our road a ways from our house. He stopped, said, "Brendan, what are you doing?" picked him up, put him in the rear saddlebag and took him home. Brendan hopped out the bag when he got home and said, " That was fun." He's always been a cool guy.

It took about five years for me and Finnegan to bond. I like a challenge, though. But as Finnegan grew (and he was still a handful), we became very close. He would come running as soon as I sat down to watch TV, or he would be waiting by my chair. I got used to balancing a plate around a large cat. After TV time Finny would dash to the bed where he sat on my side waiting. When I crawled in around him he would flop down and allow me to wrestle him in close to my side. I would lay my cheek on him and we'd purr a little. Then, when he had assured himself that all was well, he would move to my feet. But if I woke in the middle of the night I would see his great golden eyes turn to me and with a passionately loving look, he would come back up to reassure me that all was well, and he, Finnegan, was on patrol.

Finnegan was also our "cat in black" keeping an eye out the window for invaders, alien, feline or canine. Sometimes I'd wake to see him on duty, sitting in the bedroom window staring out. And he patrolled the parameters every morning to assure himself that the territory was safe for the family.

He could be a royal pain. Our outdoor rules were: after sunrise and in well before dark. This wasn't a problem in the winter but as spring approached Finnegan would try to push the clock forward. He would start with a gentle but insistent, mrrr. If you didn't respond he started in on a schedule each one getting louder and more demanding. If there was still no action he would delicately take one claw and prick the nearest human skull. This would get a reaction but sometimes not the one he wanted.

But his best morning trick was to sit on the windowsill and bat something slowly toward the edge. Once he did it with a glass of water and neither of us woke up before it went over the edge and onto Olof. Olof's glasses were a good bet for a response too.

He also had a way of running his paws down our glass door and making an awful squeaky sound. And he would dig his claws into the edges of my prized maple kitchen drawers, looking back at me as he picked little chips out of them. Yes, that got a reaction.

We decided that every family has a troubled child and we had Finnegan. It's a lesson in tolerance and love, really. He loved me and he was devoted to me. And I loved him.

He died in my arms at the vets when we decided not to let him suffer anymore after a kidney failure crash. I didn't see it coming. I knew very little about cat health at the time. I'd only had three cats before him, Gandolf who was rough and tough and went off to die alone when the time came and Seamus, who died on the road at a year and a half. I had never heard about kidney failure and the way things were then with animal care I think I was typical. I had never heard of getting a cat a dental exam. If I had, he might still be here because the vet pointed out to me that some of his teeth were badly rotted. I felt horrible about it. I held him and felt him slip away from me and it was just about the more diffucult thing I have ever had to do in my life.

But Finnegan taught me so much. Tolerance and patience and devotion. I also started trying to learn more about cat care and I got a lot of books and read about nutrition. I changed Brendan's diet and got him a check up. With an improved diet, Brendan at sixteen looks great and his fur is soft and healthy.

And when I get to the Bridge I know someone who will be there waiting.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Caretakers

I was reading a story on CNN this morning about how much Americans are spending on pet care. One point the writer made is that pets are living much longer than they used to. I think he said that thirty years ago the average life span of a pet cat was three years and four for a dog. That sounds a little off to me so I wonder where he got his facts. However, even if it is only partly true it does explain why we have such a population explosion of animals in this country. The good thing, is they appear to be living longer lives, the bad thing is the numbers without homes being euthanized because there is no place for them to go.

Add in the reproduction rate of cats and you have quite an issue.

Olof told me last night that the shelter in the town where he lived killed unwanted animals by putting them in a room and removing the air. Groups of them. I asked him how he knew this and he said "I asked them." I bet that is something you didn't want to know.

I found a site I like very much with a lot of info and a program worth supporting so I wanted to post it here. It is called Cats With No Name Take a look and do some reading. She also has the Herding Cats commercial which is one of the funniest I've ever seen.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Taking Care

A photo of me and Brendan from last week. I was surprised to see how grey my hair has gotten this winter (call hairdresser). Sigh, I'm not ready to let it go just yet and I was letting it grow and realized it's just too much of a pain to deal with. In my twenties I had nice long hippie hair to my waist but, oh well. One thing you lose after fifty is your vanity and it might as well go.

We spent five hours shooting at the shelter yesterday and I was totally exhausted when we came home. Not so much from the physical demands of shooting but from a lingering illness (I almost fainted while holding our long mike and had to sit down while we propped the mike on a chair for the rest of the shoot), a lousy winter with no snow so no outdoor activities and of course, losing Fergus. I think my hair turned grey from that, I know I still feel a huge sadness from not having him around.

It's impossible for people who haven't experienced an amazing relationship with an animal to understand how much it can mean to you. Fergus was just such a funny, loving and demanding character. He brightened up our household and our lives really, like no other cat has done. We loved them all but some are just extraordinary. Brendan is extraordinary in his quiet way and Silas in his gentle way but Ferg was our joker and clown and joyful spirit.

We did a long interview with our vet and I realize how little I know about animal care. I think one thing still sitting on my shoulders is when she said that ten million animals are killed every year in our shelters because there are no homes for them. And then, when we were in the huge shopping mall down south, we walked by a pet store with little puppies for sale. It struck me how wrong it is to take a living creature and put its cute little fuzzy self on display and just sell it to anyone with a credit card. But I bet that most people admiring the cute little puppies didn't even think about it, because they just don't know.

At the shelter there are some Katrina animals. Three new cat arrivals, doing well and very content to be secure and fed. A couple of adult dogs and some puppies. There were six little black lab mix puppies and all of them got sick. One has died, even with intense loving care and one was very very miserable, wrapped up in a blanket in a private room, sick with parvo. Three look like they will make it but they are underweight and they need to keep eating and growing.

They look at you with such hopeful eyes. What did we ever do to deserve dogs? They love us, all of us and a puppy just wants human contact and affection.

I guess it takes something out of me as it must with anyone who tries to help with these issues because the biggest problem is human ignorance and nature. Selling puppies, not taking care of the animals we have, not neutering them and allowing a population explosion that ends up with healthy animals killed.

I would think that if we could make a world that is better for animals we will have changed the world immensely for people too. Because a species of humans that care about animals is also going to take better care of everything living.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pawprints Video

We are working to get our videos so most everyone can see them. This is in Flash 6 so I would appreciate it if ya'll would give it a try and let me know if it works or what problems you are having.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

And Along comes...


ok everybody, this is Ramona, Harper's sister. They are six weeks old and have just come down with Upper Respiratory Infection. Harper is doing well but Ramona is not well so I want you all to send her a little kitten prayer because..

She is going to be joining the Caturday family along with Harper.

Yup. We'd been thinking about the poor little guy being taken from his family and making a long journey all alone and I thought..

Why not two?

Everyone knows two kittens are a million times more fun then one.

And I can't wait to see Brendan's face. Ooo, is he going to be pissed!

But please, send kitty wishes for little Ramona. Wouldn't you like to see her grow up on Caturday? I'll get out my video camera for tub hockey. What a team they would make for this summers Catolympics.

I think I'll enter Silas in the heavy toy put. Though he is an excellent wrestler, I don't think his heart is in wrestling. I think that was a Fergus thing.


We have just posted a Flash video of our shelter show Pawprints. It uses Flash 8 which comes installed on most computers. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!


Friday, March 10, 2006

A Happy Tail

I was reading that the little tail shake your cat gives you in greeting is the highest form of affection.

Fergus was always a tail up kind of guy. It was either straight up, like in the photo, or curved over at the top like a shepherds crook.

We are traveling today, not to get the kitten(s) unfortunately but to get my powerbook keyboard fixed so it doesn't give me five a's for every one I type. And to do a voice track with a well known NH personality.

Back tonight or tomorrow.

Feline Friday will be up at the Modulator.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brendan Says Spring is Coming

Every winter a day comes when the air gets warm and the sun is out and Brendan says that spring is coming. He finds a place in the sun, lifts his nose to the sky, closes his eyes and turns his head, breathing in the scents coming from the four points of the compass. I imagine the messages he is getting. Birds nesting to the east, a strange cat (Jakey the barn cat) to the west, a warm wind from the south smelling of green things and ice turning to fresh running water from the north.

This has been a tough winter here. Not cold, and in fact downright warm for most of it. But no snow and for us that means no skiing. We thought about going downhill skiing again but neither of us has current equipment and we can't afford any broken legs. So we decided to just forgeddaboutit and work. And losing Fergus two months ago well, what else can I say, it's a winter best forgotten. At this time we and half the valley are sick with a miserable in the chest cold flu type thing.

So we've started a few early seeds and they are coming up. Some basil and tomatoes and some ornamental grass Olof wanted to try. It feels good to smell the warm earth in the heated seed starter tray and see the little shoots.

It is hard to think about spring coming and not having Fergus with us to enjoy it. He found the world so exciting.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Meet Harper

Here is Harper. Born in NY State. Look at that profile and the toes. I just talked to Lynne at Paradise Garden Animal Haven and I will be filling out an adoption application for him. He is only five weeks old.

What do you think readers? Does this little boy have the Fergus spirit?

Silas Home

Silas is home from Magoo’s party. Sounds like a splendid time was had by all. Only one problem. I think our boy is in love. I keep hearing soft moans of "Dolce, Bella Dolce."

The beautiful Misty Willow

Misty Willow is a beautiful, shy and affectionate four year old cat at our local shelter, Conway Area Humane Society . I wish I could take her home or I wish that some kind person would come and give her a quiet, loving home. She has gorgeous blue eyes like calm sunlit pools and when she sees you she slowly and shyly comes out from her little box the shelter has given her to hide in. I don't think it would go well with Brendan if we were to bring home a full grown cat. Silas would have no problem.

We shot and edited our first segment of Pawprints. I hope to make it a podcast since Olof is interested in doing that and we have the technology to do it. Our shelter has a 1% kill ratio. Only animals that are too sick to make it are euthanized. Of course, this means the shelter ends up housing animals that are difficult to find homes for and that means less space for others. Little as I know about these issues, I am glad to see that many organizations are working to make us a no kill nation. So the beautiful Willow waits for a loving home but she will not be "put to sleep."

I think that once you see the soul in one animal you begin to see the issues surrounding their lives. I remember thirty years ago when we built our house and wanted a cat we went down to the vets ( who was also the "Humane Society") and adopted one. He had maybe eight. Now we know that is because if they weren't adopted in a few days they were "put to sleep" and their bodies thrown in a lime pit out back. He was neutered, so overpopulation was an issue here then as it is now. Farmers of course, had barn cats and when they had kittens, they drowned them if they didn't want them.

Thirty years later our shelter always has almost a hundred cats in residence. Unknown people drop boxes of kittens on the doorstep, usually with a mother they didn't have spayed. The shelter works to find homes for them all.

It is heartbreaking to read that the kill rate in NY City shelters is still 50% and there are other areas of the country where thousands of healthy animals are killed each year because there are no homes for them. Read
Tales and Tails of New York
and weep for the 30 cats and 23 dogs on the "euth list" today. Multiply that by the whole country and make a donation to your local shelter or rescue person.

I like to think we can create a world where every child and animal is wanted. It is probably an impossible task but you have to at least push in the right direction.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brendan Takes a Bath

The Carnival this week is at Catcall

Brendan is sixteen and he needs his comforts during our long New Hampshire winter. There are few things as relaxing as a warm bath to make you forget that outside the world is still covered in billows of soft white snow. Or, as we've had this winter, freezing rain on top of New England Hard Pack. So Brendan goes in the bathroom and howls loudly, demanding attention until one of us goes in and turns on the water for him. Warm. This morning he did it at 4 AM but I just picked him up and brought him back to bed where he sang me to sleep.

He is sitting is about two inches of water,

Then you need a nice plushy towel to dry off with of course.

Friday, March 03, 2006

A Fergus Model Found

This little Fergus look a like, with the wild personality too, is unfortunately in Florida or I would be hopping in my car to see her. Still, it is nice to know this model is out there. I would love her, if she was within a day's drive I would be packing. But Florida is a long hop from the Frozen North. Sigh.

Silas and his Collection

For Feline Friday at the Modulator . Silas packs for a party.

I am packing my toys to take to Magoo's party.

This crinkly thing is my favorite. It smells funny. And I did not drown my dog toy, I only washed it. It is a dog, you know. They need baths.

This one is neat too. It smells like Herself's hair. I can pull on it and it got bigger.

I like this one a lot too. It'd made of funny gummy stuff.

I have read the directions for how to get there. Sounds like fun!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Silas: The Collection

Silas is a collector. This is his nighttime snack bar of Wellness Lite and water. Since he tends to eat at night, this regime has trimmed him down so he is a sleek fellow and not a contender for the World Heavyweight Feline Competition.

He loves bottle caps, milk bottle tops, my hair ties and his latest prize, which he carries around the house, a granola bar wrapper. He is particularly fond of that one. So it's not that I am a lazy housekeeper, I am allowing him to keep these things. He also loves pens, which he stores under the rugs in the kitchen. When you walk on those rugs you feel little ridges underneath.

And of course he has a wide range of store bought toys. He likes the crackly ones and the ones to chomp on. The dog toy he actually drowned in the water bowl but I rescued it. The large red round thing in the munchie bowl is a rubber sink stopper I bought at WalMart for him. When he was small one of his favorite things to do was pull the metal stopper out of the bathroom sink and hide it. So I bought him his own stopper.

There is also a downstairs collection but these seem to be his favorite. He has carried them up here and keeps them here in the bedroom.

Fergus also had his favorites, which I have put in a special box. He loved the fuzzy balls and had three red ones, Fuzzy One, Two and Three. Fuzzy One shows the wear and tear of a well loved, well chomped toy. Fergus used to run around with it in his mouth and he looked like a feline version of Santa Claus with a red beard. I am sorry I never got a photo of that. Fuzzy Two got puked on during a road trip and Fuzzy Three is nice and unchomped. Fergus also loved the soft orange carrot in one of the Caturday photo shots.

This morning it is still cold and windy. No one wanted out but Silas was running around playing and Brendan was downstairs being amused by our big kitten. They spend the days together in peace, Silas looking down from the penthouse and Brendan on the bed.

We're all waiting for spring here in the Frozen North.