Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Room of Her Own

A girl, especially a Queen like Ramona, deserves a private spot for reflection on her arduous duties. I built Ramona a private space she loves. It is only a square footstool covered by a snuggly polar fleece blankie with a girl soft fuzzy kitty pillow underneath. When the Queen is in her boudoir it is understood that she Does Not Want To Be Disturbed and we leave her alone. She loves this spot and I recommend it for any kitty that Wants To Be Alone.

Her brother, on the other hand, curls up on top of the sofa or on the bed or in his favorite spot in front of the heater. He's never needed a spot for meditation like his contemplative sister.

By the way, for fun check out the new site featuring purrcasts. I thought of doing this once but luckily some folks have gone ahead and done a good job recording some purrs from happy felines. Two so far. It's at...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winter Plans

I decided to get in shape and joined the local exercise club. 8 AM for PIlates. Harper says he wants to come too. That might not be a bad idea, he is a little portly. I'm sure he'd be a hit in class.

The weather has gotten gloomy and the felines outdoor activities have been shortened to a quick "Yippee I'm Out!! and Yippee I'm In!" Ramona has her throne from which she can keep an eye on things outside. Most days she lets Harper run out in the snow. She is too smart to want to get her feet cold. They run around the house in frantic bursts of energy and then collapse in front of the TV like the rest of us.

And lastly, here is the Thanksgiving message Jack Frost left for us. Good thing we like snow around here. It's on the way.

Friday, November 09, 2007

A Cat At The Door

My English friend was sounding a little concerned.

"I have three things to ask you," she said. The first two were merely dates to get together for writing critiques and dinner. Then she paused, "And the third thing is, I found a cat. She's been crying around here for about four days and finally I got her in and fed her. She was starving. I've called everyone in town and no one knows anyone who might own her. I can't keep her, our cat would make her miserable. Can you help me?"

I knew our local shelter where I take photos was pretty full, as are all the shelters in NH.

"Don't bring it here," said Olof. He knew what would happen. It's peaceful around here with just Brother and Sister and we hope to travel next summer.

So I emailed the shelter's new director, hoping that all my volunteer work would gain me some help when a feline and my friend needed it. She said, we're full but bring her in.

I went and picked her up. She was a slender girl, pure white and very much wanting affection. She was not a feral stray. This girl had been someone's pretty kitten. I wondered what her story was. Had she been dropped off on a quiet country road once she was no longer a kitten? All the way to the shelter she gave out soft, sweet, heartbreaking cries.

So here she is, checked into a mini suite at the shelter and isn't she too beautiful for words?

Yes, I'd like to take her home.