Sunday, October 15, 2006


Brendan still loves Ramona. Finally the photos went up.

I was having trouble getting photos up on Blogger and it took quite few tries to get the last four up for Bucky. He is persistent though so I finally got them to show up. If you just see missing links on these two, I'll try again later.

Our fall color show is past peak now and there is snow on the Mt. Washington. The weather has been just beautiful so we have been cleaning up the garden and the cats have been playing outside in the warm middle of the day. November will be brown and grey and muted orange but I like that season too. And then we start hoping for a good ski season.

Brendan has just headed out for patrol. We are going to the coast for the day for a beach walk and brunch.

Nights are at home for the most part with peaceful lap sitting. Summer is over but we can soaking up whatever warmth we can find as the days grow shorter. In the chilly dawn, it's a three cat cuddle.


Fat Eric said...

Autumn sounds beautiful where you are, but unfortunately we can't see the photo. Funny how Blogger will upload some pictures and not others.
Here in London it is a little autumnal, quite mild in the daytime but getting chilly at night. Foggy and misty in the mornings. The trees have only just started to turn - we live on the edges of Epping Forest and in autumn it is lovely with orange and gold beech, oak and chestnut. But it hasn't really turned yet.

Diva Kitty's Mom said...

Try it's free and you can post pictures and text directly to your blog

Hot(M)BC said...

It sounds so beautiful there. :) Leaves are being weird here this year, fall is 2 weeks ahead of usual, and some of the trees are turning and some I think are just gasping. At least, that's what Mom says.

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Our Autmun has already come and gone. It doesn't last very long where we live. The trees start to turn and then within twoo weeks all the leaves are gone. We just got our first snow. Dolce didn't really know what it was but she sure found it cold on the paws.

Millie said...

Hello! I live in the Big City in New Hamster with my Lady and two other cats, Gizzy and Jasmine. Our Maple tree was a beautiful red but lost all its leaves over the weekend.