Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Day at the Shelter

Aren't they beautiful? I wish I could have another half a dozen. Why not? They're small.

Baby Lola








Derby said...

mum just went AWWWWWW. I am glad we are not near you! I like being an only cat.!

poppyq said...

Oww - they all so cute! We hope they find nice homes to live in.

Miss Ramona - I have nominated you for a rocking girl blogger.

Your blog that you share with the boys was one of the first ones me and my mum read. It inspired us to start our own.

We love to hear about you guys and are so glad you have a deer fence so that you can go out and enjoy the summer sun.

Poppy Q

Please come and visit me!!

Leigh-Ann said...

Once you have more than six, you barely notice!

Jet said...

So cute :3

Anonymous said...

omg, too much preciousness all in one place! Overload! Overload!!
~ tammara

jenianddean said...

Ooh don't they just melt your heart? Too cute for Mom to look at!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh wow, what prety babies, I wish we could have more but the dadman keeps counting us. I like kittens - but don't tell them that... We hope they find new homes quick!

Purrs and Have an excellent week.