Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Fling

This is quite the sight to have outside your back door. The four women have been coming round for hand outs for a couple of weeks now but then this dude showed up waving his tail and poofing out his feathers. He makes me think of the Blue Meany in Yellow Submarine. When I throw out some food the women run right for it (there are few things funnier than a running turkey). Some days when the snow is frozen the grils have slid on their butts down the hill.

Hey, turkeys have to eat too. I have heard that these wild birds aren't much good for eating so I hope I am not fattening them up just so they can get shot next fall. With a winter like the one we are STILL HAVING, we need all the entertainment we can get.

Oh yeah, we also got four more inches of snow this morning. At least the skiing is still fantastic. Cross country. This is going to end up being a major record breaker snow year here. We only have two more years to beat to be the all time since the 1800's champion snow year.

But everyone is tired of it and anyone who can is heading south for a break. Three hours south of here the flowers are blooming.

And someone is really tired of it...

"Me no likey this white stuff!! What's going on here!! Where's my garden!! Why can;t you fix it!! I want out now!!"

Harper is very Speakative.

"And get rid of those big birds!! No bird should be that big!! Me no likey!!"


The Meezers said...

we hear that the wild turkeys make good burbon though.

Harper, you tell 'em!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is one huge bird. I hope you get some spring sun soon--of course even we who never get snow have had a bit here lately AGAIN. Will winter never end?!

hello & mimmy said...

that big bird is scary! you are a brave kitty. i hope the white stuff goes away soon for you.

topcatrules said...

Wow! That's a great picture! We don't have wild turkeys here, but there are wild smaller scrub turkeys in Australia. They are mainly black with a red bit on their head. Mom's sister in Brisbane gets them in her backyard.

Mickey said...

Look at that bird!!! He looks pretty. We do not have those aroung here! We do ,however still have snow!!!!!!!!!
We're tired of it too :/
Purrs Mickey

meemsnyc said...

WOW, that is a big bird! Looks yummy. :)

Derby said...

I can relate to the way too much snow. We are at #2 in total snowfall, but need nearly 11 inches to break record of 1886.

I don't have any big birdies like that in MY yard. Wow.

Poppy Q said...

Boy you guys have had so much snow. I hope the sun arrives soon and you get a taste of spring.

Beezer said...

Holy smokes!! That is one big boid!
I hope you aren't feeding them bread. Mine mombean stuffs bread inta turkeys before she cook 'em. The turkey she cooks sure is tasty, though.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Harper, we are having a winter storm today with 6 more inches expected. Nearly all the snow had melted up to this point, and we had been outside a few times!
Great picture of the male all poofed out! He's huge!