Monday, February 02, 2009


Harper and Ramona are raising heck this morning. How can two cats make such thundering paws? And there is a lot of mrrr mrrrs and floofy tails going on. I think it is spring fever since we saw a robin yesterday though the snow is way up over my knees.

Not a whole lot of news here, we're just working away and watching the snow pile up. I'll be editing the translation of my audio tour in German and French and then I have a large writing project that will take me to spring. And we are dealing with those tedious internet issues when you have a bunch of domain names and web sites.

The felines have adjusted fairly well to being indoors, though it drove Harper nuts at first. Sometimes we take him over to visit next door. He likes that.

I'll catch up with blogging when I have something that resembles free time.

Meow to all


20th Century Woman said...

My two toy poodles sound like a stampede of horses coming through the house. I can see spring here in the northwest. A few things are blooming, birds are twittering, and we can walk at 5 in the evening while it's still light.

Poppy Q said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of thundering herds of elephants. We hope Ramona and Harper get some grass between their toes soon!

Petey said...

Too bad you still have that icky white stuff. It was 76 here in SW OK today. Not that any of us kitties got to go out to see for ourselves. No green grass yet, but it won't be long now. Our go-finches are starting to turn back to their summer yellow.

lin said...
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