Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cats for Obama Unite!

Ok so this isn't about cats except it is about someone we think is a pretty cool cat, our President. This morning the NY Times posted two photos, one where his hair is black and one showing it as rapidly turning grey under the job stresses. Below is a link to the story on the Times.

Well. Olof knows a bit about photography, yanno. He looked at the two photos and saw that the exposure on the greyish one was way off for the skin tone. So he corrected the grey one and voila, no grey hair.

Above is the NY Times photo showing Obama with grey hair/

This is Olof's corrected photo matching the skin tone, voila, no grey hair.

What do all you cool cats think?


ZOOLATRY said...

No matter the hair color, no matter the skin color: we are
Obama All The Way!

Artsy Catsy said...

We think Obama is the coolest cat ever, no matter what color his hair is. He's my best bud, as you can see here:


20th Century Woman said...

Obama is great and so is gray hair. I read the article, and I thought that his hair had looked a bit gray in earlier photos I had seen. I guess it was a slow news day.

Just Ducky said...

Mum saw that the thought it might have been the light angles or something like that. So Mr O is cool, whatever color of hair he has.

julia said...

I think someone needs to do that with my grey hair, for real! Not so much a cool cat as an old mouse

Unknown said...

The lighting in the one image is warm, the other cold. Both appear to be the actual light temperature present at the times the photos were taken, as opposed to an unnatural light created by operator error or faulty post-processing. It would seem, then, that Obama really does have some gray hairs, and that warm light masks it, and cold light accentuates it.

Ma. de los Angeles Segura Pineda said...
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