Monday, September 11, 2006

In Which Ramona Gets Her Tree Back And..

She goes wading in the pond while Harper falls in.

The things we do for love. We spent yesterday reshaping the back yard for safe kitty fun. I dug up and replanted the day lilies while Olof ran the deer fencing from one side of the house to the pond and from the other side all the way to the original Secret Garden. I can put the board across the bridge and have just the house side garden open, including the well-loved apple tree. Both kittens spend most of yesterday outside and were wiped out by TV time. Next year we will expand the fencing to cover all of the back yard which will look much better. At the moment, the yard is split in half.

Yes, Ramona goes wading up to her belly and this photo is proof. And Harper did fall in, probably while reaching for a delectable frog.

The Walk for the Animals fundraising is going along quite well. I doubt we'll make five thousand but Ramona can't count (yet) so she is happy with our efforts. There are some other teams that are well connected and experienced and they will hit that number so if a lot of people turn out on Saturday, it will be a success.

Her page is RamonaƂ’s Top Cats and you can see our other team members pages or start one yourself if you want to join in. She does have a lovely flag that I will post a photo of and I am figuringg out a way to put the names on it. Hope will carry the flag on the walk and I will be shooting video and taking photos to show you all later. The Walk leaves from downtown North Conway and winds through Whittakerr Woods and then back to Schouler Park where the 9th Annual Bark in the Park will be held with games for dogs (who like that sort of thing).

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