Sunday, September 03, 2006

She is My Sister and I Love Her

It is such a blessing that I got the idea to adopt Ramona along with Harper. He can't bear to be without her. We would have had a very unhappy boy cat on his own. When I take them out to the Secret Garden I carry them one at a time (we are going to dig up the day lilies and extend the garden so I can open the back door and let them run safely). Whatever side of it he is on without her he will start crying from and I have to run and get him. He can't handle being alone. He's a New Age Sensitive Boy Cat. Right now they are cuddled up together after a mutual face wash. Ramona can handle being alone, she's a cool little princess.

The fundraising is going along quite well I think. We may have set the bar too high thinking we could raise 5,000 but Ramona says that is fine. She is happy with what people can give. We know you all help your local shelters too. I have an idea for a flag so next week I will get materials and work on it and put every cat's (and Fiona Bun of course) name on it.

A short time after we adopted Ramona we decided that her motto was "I really care." Maybe it's those big green eyes or maybe the way she comes running to Brendan. One evening he sneezed from the bedroom and she hopped down from her perch in the living room and ran to his side to be sure he was allright. Last week, he came in one morning and she ran to him, gave him a kiss on the mouth and then laid her head against his cheek while closing her eyes. It was the sweetest gesture I have ever seen in a cat, so loving there is no way it could be anything but love. Then she gave him a couple of licks between the eyes. I swear he is doing so well at almost seventeen because of her.

To sponsor Ramona in the Walk for the Animal go to her page Ramona’s Top Cats


Jasmine said...

You kitties are just so sweet and caring. What a lovely happy kitty family. :)

Ayla said...

I know the Mom thinks the same thing about Loki and Monkee. She's so glad that she adopted both of them. Me? I just think it's double the headache but the Mom never listens to me anyways.

The Meezers said...

awwww. sometimes a boy just needs his sister. and obviously Brendan is crazy with love for her too.

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

I think you need to expand the household at Caturday. What will happen to poor little Harper's heart if and when his sister has to leave him for the Rainbow Bridge. From what you have wrote about him, I think he will leave you shortly after she does. Just ask the Meezers about Trixie and Norton.

=^..^= said...

Awww... that is just so sweet... *wipes tear from eye*