Monday, January 08, 2007

Harper Boy Cat

Harper is well and fine and a big sturdy boy cat now. We are passing this strange warm New England winter hoping for snow
(it snowed last night but there is now wet stuff coming down). The last few days were so warm our thin cover melted and we were working in the garage with the doors open.

I walked around with Brendan yesterday and Harper was yelling at us through the window so I thought he would like to go for a walk. (the cat yard is down for the winter because we were expecting snow). I put the harness on him and took him outside and he lay down on the door stoop waiting to go back in. Fergus would have been bounding over the yard and into the woods in a flash. Harper is really Mr. Laid Back.

He's a funny guy too and yes, very cuddly. He is solid built and very playful. He does this very funny move where he acts like a puppy that is trying to wag its tail so hard his whole body wags. He moves his head from side to side at the same time. He'll scramble up the cat tree and do this "wild tiger" act there too. I always encourage him to let his inner tiger out.

He is such an easy cat. He doesn't want to be Top Cat. Nobody in this group has claimed any special territory that I can see. The heat pad bed I bought for Brendan is used by whoever gets it first. Laps are shared and the third one takes Olof.

Harper loves a game of chase the feather toy and he will wait by the closet door and tell us it is time to play. Ramona will get into it too.

But what I love him best for is when I wake up in the too early morning he will come hopping up on the bed and meow to say, "hey move over" and when I make a spot for him he will bound happily down next to me and snuggle up under the blankets.

There's nothing better than waiting for the sun to come up with a soft warm furry creature who loves and trust you snuggled up close.


Eric and Flynn said...

I haf to agree wiv that. I allus cuddle up to mum unner the kwilt an sumtimes I sleep the whole nite between mum an dad unner the kwilt.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am with Eric and Flynn!

Anonymous said...

I don't sleep on the bed all night, but like Harper I like to jump on in the morning just before getting up time and snuggle down in between my humans. then I get on dad's pillow and lick his hair.

Harper is a lovely cuddly boy.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

"There's nothing better than waiting for the sun to come up with a soft warm furry creature who loves and trust you snuggled up close."

Truer words were never spoken. It's the best! And altho Finny is my usual huggy snuggler, Buddy is learning to like it too.

Nora bean

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Poor Olof with the second-best lap!

Diva Kitty's Mom said...

Yep - I have to say I love it when Sophia wakes me up at 4:30 for our special hour of snuggle time before I have to get up for work.


Anonymous said...

what is it with the boys, especially the big solid ones. Neither of the girls is as snuggly as my boy. At 16 pounds he's a wonderful snuggle, you know, really huggable.