Monday, January 15, 2007

Let it Snow

Finally we have a blizzard and everyone up here is cheering and doing the snow dance. Well, most of us.

The rest of the tribe gather around the cozy spot near the heater and cuddle up for that long winter nap.


Eric and Flynn said...

Yoo look furry cozy in yer cat bed, an that's the best place to be when it's cold and snowy.

Anonymous said...

we hadded snow here too. you look furry comfy

Derby said...

Yes long winter naps are good. Lots of white here too.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

We sure wood like a snowy day so mom wood stay home and cuddle wif us. But it has been warm heer for a wile and even tho it's getting colder now, we're onlee gonna get rain. Bleah.

Enjoy yore snow!!!

Finny & Buddy

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like the furry purrfect way to enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

snowy & ivory do that here. theys love each othur. they lay togefer alls the time an have no interest in the othur poodies.

Anonymous said...

You look so happy! Can you teach us the secret to kitty cuddling? We try it, but then we get all hissyfitty if somebody moves. I think we need a cattitude adjustment!

CEO (Cat Executive Officer)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a heater like that to sleep in front of.

Anonymous said... has gone cold here for the first time this winter so we are all huddling up with fleeces and cosy radiators and stuff. Indoors is best!