Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tales from the Outside

Don't let them fool you looking sad, they get to go out too. This was just taken early one morning when Brendan was on Dawn Patrol. I don't want the kittens to learn about Dawn Patrol (the 5 AM out the window to check the territory thing)

This is the gate to the Land of Happy Cats. Olof built it from fencing. We still have a roll left which we will use to connect the two buildings (house and studio) when Uncle Sid moves in next door. I'll have to post some photos of the studio under renovation. It is a huge mess at the moment. Big hole dug for the garage, roof partly on and stuff all over the yard. It is easier to build a new place then it is to tear an old one apart. At leas it is neater.

The kittens are just thrilled with Outside. They have expanded their area and go up the hill to the vegetable garden and to the edge of the woods behind the compost. Today it is pouring rain so they were out for a bit and then I shut the cat door and Harper started yelling like only a Meezer can. "You gave me Outside and I want it back! Now! Now I say!" Imagine a Meezer saying this and you get "NEEEAAAHHH NEEEAAAHHH!!!!" I opened the door for him (probably a bad idea since I just taught him how to get me to open the door). He went out and sat on the porch and looked at the rain coming down.

"No good. You fix it"

So they understood Outside was No Good today. Tomorrow is another day.

Ramona still loves her apple tree. And it's blossom time.


Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

I just realized that Baci and Ramona have something in common. They both love their apple tree.

Actually letting Baci outside is against his rules for adoption from the Rescue Society. But I take that to mean "outside with no supervision", which we don't do.

Seeing how happy he gets running and playing with Dolce in grass, I can't imagine depriving him of this one joy.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

They look so happy! I love to see cats outside being very cat-ish. Why is Uncle Sid coming to live next door? Are his beans coming too?

Finny & Buddy's mom

The Meezers said...

awwwww they is so cute!

caricature said...

nice pictures :)
btw i'm starting a new blog about cats at:
added ur link there. check it out :)!

One of us said...

wow you get to go outside. we like yer tree. ~poiland tribe

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Outside is always the best in the spring! Of course until it rains... Sending purrs and love