Friday, June 01, 2007

Spring comes to Caturday

The fence went up, the old shed came down. The garden went in and the cats went out. Yup, May flew by in a rush of activity. I'm down to two maor studio projects and about a zillion outdoor projects.

First, the fence. It is a black plastic deer fence with long steel stakes you pound into the ground and attach the fence to with those plastic pull tie things. There are stakes to fasten the fence to the ground and you can pile rocks on it in places where you can't get stakes in. Below is the web site for the company I bought it from. They are on Cape Cod but they ship the fence from a warehouse. You might be able to find the same stuff locally. Because it is so thin it is hard for a cat to climb and when you put it up you can leave the top kind of loose so there is no footing for a houdini. We stapled some of ours to trees and left the top loose. If you put it on the front of the tree it is hard for a cat to get his paws through the fence to climb. Our guys so far show no interest in trying to get out. They have enough to do inside their yard. And they tend to stay right around the house if we are not out in the yard. Last night we saw a raccoon in the yard so Olof followed him. He had no problem climbing out. But the cats wouldn''t be able to do it as easily. And the fence is black to it blends in against the trees and you hardly know it is there.

Ramona walks over the cat sized bridge that crosses the creek between ponds.

Being able to go out has made a huge difference in the cats well being. Before they were content. They slept during the day and ran around at night hunting for mice. (and often finding some). Now they can't wait for the cat door to open around 7 AM and they spend the entire day running in and out until we set the door to in only around 6 PM. They will come in on their own by 6:30 if we are in. Then they sleep like exhausted children. Life has become exciting for them. They get to fufill their inner tigers, stalking frogs (usually rescued by me), bugs, leaves and the occasional rodent. Ramona springs up the apple tree and sometimes just lies in the tall grass napping. They used to cry when we finally shut the door at night but I think they have learned the routine. Cats like routine. And Harper used to yell in the morning trying to get me to open it but today he is still asleep. I generally walk around the perimeter when I let them out because we do have bear and moose here and either of them could simply crash through the fence. Though Olof saw a bear a couple of weeks ago put his nose to the fence and walk away. So it also keeps out creatures we would rather not have in the yard.

We've got a lot of other projects underway, the biggest being a complete renovation of our studio building.

Yes, it is big. The room with the big windows up top is our new editing room. It will be really really nice with a fantastic view. A nice place to sit if you are working on something. Yesterday Olof and I put that horrible fiberglass insulation up in the roof and half of the walls. We'll finish this morning. But there's still the rest of the garden to plant too.

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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Oh what lucky, lucky cats!! That is just a fantastic set-up you have going there! So many things for them to do & see. It will keep them in shape too, all the exercise!