Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Weather Rant

That is little India, who was briefly in residence at the shelter. You can see from the photo why her stay was brief. She had three siblings, China, Cairo,and Morocco. I think they have all moved on.

And someone got beautifully creative about names and we had a Swiftwind, Braveheart and Littlecreek. I'm all in favor of poetic cat names.

And this is Echo.

Here the weather is driving us nuts. It is raining enough for us to be thinking about building an ark. For days and days it has been either pouring or thunderstorming. My potato plants are pathetic and the tomatoes struggling with their meager crop. The zukes and cukes are expanding to major, waterhappy porportions. I think sadly of last year when I had tomatoe plants at least four feet tall and a bounty of riches.

We have been trying to do a three day outdoor video shoot with eight people and have managed one day so far and we didn't go to the mountain summit we planned on because it was socked in. Where we were going to do a on the river picnic shot a man fell in and drowned, swept away by the rain swollen river. We weren't about to take a family there for video and of course, it is such a sad story with search teams scouring the river for his body. People are staying off the rivers here right now, they are at spring levels.

The cats hear the rain and sleep in and then go out during the only humid spells (when rainballs are not dropping on their heads). Today I woke to Harper cuddled up next to me and Ramona at my feet. As I read on the powerbook, PH (Prince Harper), comes up next to me, snuggles up and puts his head on my lap.

What a bargain they are! How much love we get for a little tuna and a grooming session every morning. I don't know a better investment. eh Harp? (He is right here) Purr, purr, purr. Snorkle, snorkle, snorkle.

Rain, rain, rain.

It is not music to my ears, let me tell you.

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Lux said...

What beautiful kitties! Those are the coolest cat names, too.

Sorry about all that rain - I hope it stops soon!