Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rosey's Story

I couldn't remember the last time I'd eaten. I was weak, dirty and oh so tired. And things hurt but I couldn't tell where. I was lying by the side of the road and my mind was drifting way away from my poor, thin, frail body.

Then I felt hands picking me up. I was back inside my fur but I couldn't move. I knew I was being put inside one of those monsters that thunder down the road. I was dizzy. And I was so thirsty my tongue was stuck to the inside of my mouth.

Then I was in a room with bright lights on a cold hard table. I could hear voices then.

"She's barely alive, if she is alive. The kindest thing would be to put her to sleep."

"NO!" I said inside myself. But I was deep deep inside. It was like a nightmare. I needed to yell and I couldn't!

I realized I had a chance. I had a chance to live. I wanted to live so much. I wanted to have a full belly and see the sun and smell things and feel the warm breeze. If I could only do something to let these humans know I was alive. So I struggled and struggled inside myself. What could I do? I could hear the humans preparing a needle fo me. It would take me to the Rainbow Bridge. But I wasn't ready to go. I struggled and struggled.

I moved my paw. Just a little.

"She's alive!" someone said.

From that moment on things have gotten better and better for me.

I got food and water. I've been resting in a warm place on a soft bed. I feel safe. Some things aren't right with me and probably never will be. But I have a chance.

And I've learned from the other cats around me that this place is safe. Humans come in here to meet you. They are looking for companionship. Feline companionship.

I think I had a human once. I don't remember what happened. But it sounds nice to be with someone and sit on a lap and be talked to nice and purr a lot. Yes, that does sound good to me. I would like to never be lonely again.

So I wait here and I have hope and I am not afraid.

Note: Rosey is at the shelter in Conway and she is patiently waiting and hoping for someone to love and be loved by. She has some neurological issues (she can't walk perfectly) but she is a lovely lady cat and we hope the future will be kind to her.


Sen and Tom said...

That is a wonderful story. I'm so glad that Rosey got another chance and I will purr and purr that someone will come and take her home very soon.


Dawn said...

I'm guessing that multiple cat family isn't the best idea for her?? She is adorable and we lost our tortie in Jan. We have 4 already and I'm guessing she needs more 1 on 1 time than a multiples house can give....Did I say I was in Iowa? That would be a problem too, but well worth the car trip for that little bit of sunshine!!

Alasandra said...

Rosey has such beautiful eyes. They shine with life even after all she has been through. I hope she finds a loving forever home soon.

Derby said...

Rosey I am so happy you moved your paw. Soon someone will give you a loving furrever home.

Poppy Q said...

Rosey I hope that you find a nice home with some loving beans. That was a nice story about you moving your paw and letting them know you wanted to carry on.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

She is really quite the lovely lady. Sure hope yoo find somebody soon.

sablonneuse said...

I do hope Rosey finds a loving home soon. The poor little thing must have been through so much.
By the way, I've finally tracked down some deer fencing and it's on order from England. It should be here next week and so I'll soon be much happier to let the cats out to play.

For Jetta said...

Rosey, I'm so glad you moved your paw. I am praying that a nice family to love you will be coming very soon.