Monday, November 21, 2005

Cat Stairs

This is the stairway Olof built so we don't have to go downstairs in the morning to let the cats out for dawn patrol. You can be half asleep and just roll over and open the window. The sunroom roof is below the window and the stair goes from that to the hill with room for the people path under it. On nice mornings all three will be lined up at the window waiting for it to open. Out is allowed from morning light until some time in the afternoon. The cat door downstairs is opened both ways in the morning and then gets turned to in only when I want them in. They just love having their own door.
These guys are outdoor indoor cats and they wouldn't be happy any other way. With the kittens I was thinking of making them indoor cats. But we have four acres surrounded by woods and my neighbor has a barn all our cats spend their youth chasing mice in. And there was no way Fergus was going to be happy being an indoor cat. No way. He was miserable when I wouldn't let him out. But it wasn't easy for me to finally let him go.
Caturday, after he didn't check in when I called at 11:30, the other two went out and got him. They must have said something because yesterday and today he checked in at 9AM, after going out at 7. In general, all my cats come when I call them. And Fergus comes running.


Kimberly said...

What a wonderful cat stairway! I wish that it was safe for us to let our cats out, but we're in the middle of the city, so indoors they stay.

phyllisjanes said...

Cat stair a bit too steep. Oh well, cats are nimble anyway so I guess it's safe for them.

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