Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In which we all travel and Fergus gets carsick

So maybe we are a little nutty but I don't like to leave the cats alone while I'm away overnight. I panic the house will burn down until I get back. So when we go to see O's folks in Portland about once a month, everybody goes.
Brendan rides in his car seat since he will not accept being in a box. He knows the way and if we take a detour he gets very upset and comes up front to let us know. Silas sleeps peacefully in a travel box in the back ( Silas's motto is never be any trouble to anyone.) And Fergus, well, Fergus gets carsick. His first couple of trips to Maine he just slept in my lap but then one day he was riding in a box on the passenger seat and suddenly threw up everything in his belly. He was very upset about it all and of course, so was I. Since then, every trip has started off with his anguished cries "I'm gonna puke! I'm gonna puke!"
We've come up with the best way of dealing with it. We leave in the afternoon with everyone on an empty stomach. Fergus starts off in his travel bag until he yelps, then I let him out and put him on my lap and keep an eye on him. We drive very slowly down the lumpy bumpy road which is like a roller coaster and is the road that does it and....we hope for the best.
One memorable trip was just me and Fergus coming home from Portland when he had a double ender. I was very very glad that we always travel with an emergency bathroom. I had to have the windows open the rest of the way home.
Today Fergus was really quite brave about it. He was drooling but sat quietly on my lap. I know he was nausous but he was dealing with it.
What a brave petite garcon!

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