Thursday, November 24, 2005

In which we visit Uncle Sid

Now that I am well on the way to becoming a Crazy Cat Lady in my old age and a slave to the Master Race, I am fortunate to be in a family that accepts this as normal behavior. My mother has had up to four felines living in her tiny Cape Cod house (she is now down to one possessive one), and my in-laws once had four and are now down to one they took in out of pity (isn't that the way it often works?) Sid went from being mistreated and abused to being the lord of the manor with a staff of two. But it does put a kink in his tail when the Irish gang (Brendan, Fergus and Silas) come to raise a little heck.
Now Silas, (Mr. No Trouble to Anyone), is a peaceable guy but he is curious about Sid so he will go in Sid's private domain, the master bedroom and, well, just hang out. Sid seems to handle this ok because Silas just sits there.
But Fergus thinks that it is a really cool game to sneak up on Uncle Sid when Sid is having some munchies and try to sneak a few out from under his chin. It doesn't matter if the same dish is being served downstairs, what's fun is getting them from Sid. This doesn't go over too well as you can imagine.
Brendan and Sid have a gentleman's agreement, they divide up the resting spots in the house and live in peace. But Fergus, he's always got to find that edge of the envelope and give it a little push to see what happens.

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