Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do Your Cats Get Along? Really? Part 2

After a week of watching Fergus attempt to play with Brendan we knew a playmate was needed. We went down to the local shelter and picked out a sleepy, lazy looking fellow with a funny black and white face that made me think of Finnegan. He sat in the carrier in the back seat looking calmly and sleepily at us, going for a car ride was nothing to get overly excited about.

As soon as we brought him in and opened the carrier Fergus sprang on to the table and greeted the newcomer with glee. Then he pounced on him and wrestled him to the ground ( still on top of the table). Silas looked at him in shock, since he hadn't experienced any kitten wrestling in the shelter. At least, that what he gave us to believe.

We served dinner side by each and then watched so Silas wasn't too overwhelmed by the rambunctious Fergus. By the evening the two of them were racing up and down the stairs and up the cat tree. Brendan was left in peace and has never had to swat Silas to keep him in line. I think that Brendan understood right away what we were doing bringing Silas home.

Now a year later, Silas is a big ( huge) gentle fellow with a sense of humor. He's just a plain old nice guy. I worry that Fergus will try to dominate him but I don't think Silas is afraid of him. Fergus is just a rascal, bossy and possessive. Silas keeps to himself more than the other two but he loves attention, playing games, and his vast collection of bottle caps which he keeps under the rugs. He has a hiding place in a drawer that I put a blanket in and he likes to get some privacy from Fergus, yet the two of them run around the yard together.

I think it has improved Brendan's life to have the teenagers around. He looks amused as he watches them play games and occasionally sticks a paw in. They treat him with respect as he had a chance to lay down the law when they were kittens. I think Silas would fit into any cat family that allowed him to live in peace. So I think that things are better for Brendan then when his brother was around. At this time, three works.

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