Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Story of Silas

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As I have written earlier, it wasn't long after bringing Fergus home that we realized he needed a buddy his own size. The fuzzy multi ounce dynamo we had brought into our home had the energy of a tornado. He would relentlessly tiger attack Brendan, get flung across the room and come back for more. I would spend hours playing with him but it wasn't enough. Brendan deserved peace in his old age and Fergus, well Fergus was wrecking havoc. So we decided to become a three cat family and we went to the Conway Humane Society's new facility in dire need of a kitten.

Your instincts really come into play when choosing a kitten. We had thought about a girl ( a first for us) and I played with a grey kitten in the play room for a while. But something about her reminded me of a bratty kid in sixth grade. The orange kitten I was drawn to was spoken for. So O suggested we look at a handsome tuxedo fellow napping away in a double cage. I took him out and he half awoke, looked up at me and purred. We thought it would be nice to have another black and white face around the place so we asked for him.

All the way home he looked at us calmly from the back seat in the cat box. A car ride was nothing to get excited about.

You know how people say you should introduce cats gradually to each other? That was our plan except as soon as Fergus saw him he squealed with joy. " You brought me a toy!" Then he promptly leapt on him and wrestled him to the ground. Silas hadn't taken Kitten Wrestling 101 at the shelter so he was taken aback. We pulled the tiger off him and offered up food so he'd feel secure knowing that food was available here. The boys ate happily side by each.

Over the next couple of weeks Silas learned to kitten wrestle real good. He also learned to race up the cat tree and claim the top perch for King of the Mountain, batting at Fergus below. Fergus was happy and calmer, he had someone who wanted to play and snuggle with him. The two of them could be found in one basket, paws around each other when the games were over. Peace descended on our animal family. Brendan never even hissed at the easy going new comer. I think he knew Silas brought him relief from the tiger attacks.

It's a year later now and they are still best buddies and I hope they will be for the rest of their lives. They're a little like Laurel and Hardy. Fergus is skinny, agile and clever. Silas is the sweetest, nicest good natured guy you ever met anywhere. He's a Gentleman Cat, an After You Cat, a For Me, Really? Cat without a mean bone in his body. He is the family comedian, for months he would remove the stopper from the bathroom sink nightly and hide it. Then I bought him a rubber one he could have for his own and he carries it up and down the stairs. He is proud of his substantial collection of bottle caps which he enjoys hiding under the rugs. And he loves his large collection of toy, carrying them from place to place and dropping them in food and water bowls.

He's a bit shy but getting more confident all the time. When he feels insecure he has a drawer he can climb into with a blanket in it where he can hide. When Fergus misses him, he climbs in there too. Silas always pays for his dinner by dropping a bottle cap in the bowl.

We call him Farm Boy because he seems like the kind of cat who would be very happy hanging out in the barn. He likes to watch O work and follow him around the yard. He's a garage and woodshop kind of guy, nothing fem about him.

Silas has a very sweet way of looking up at you when you call him and waving his tail. He's a happy boy, content to sleep in his chosen bed by the wood stove. And he good naturedly lets Fergus wrestle with him but he figured out how to win that game.

He outweighs the little fellow by at least four pounds.

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elisa said...

It's a lovely cat.Silas have the same color as my cat.
My cat is ill ,he must take medecine.He has just a pain in his teeth,and his mouth has became biggest,and his eyes closer.But it's not grave ,he sleep all the time.

Big kiss
Merry Chrismas to Fergus ,Silas...and you