Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lost? Sad? Lonely?

I found this photo on the web, taken by a girl somewhere across the water from Singapore. I find it haunting and well, it makes me think of all the cats out there who are either homeless or not well taken care of.
One of our local vets made a third trip to New Orleans and came back with fifteen puppies which she has in her house while she looks for homes for them. She said there are hundreds of cats running around there, starving.
I'll see if I can find the story and post it here.
Meanwhile I emailed the girl who posted this photo. It would be good if she could do something for this one. She said it appeared to be owned by a family near the dock where she caught the ferry. She would have taken it but it is against the law to smuggle animals into Singapore or take them on the ferry.
What a story. Multiply it by millions or more and you see why cat overpopulation is such an issue. I know one of our shelters here was so full a while back they had a sign out saying they couldn't take any animals.
My little guys have been happily playing games in and out the cat door on this windy New Hampshire morning. They are so joyful they make me laugh.
I'd gladly take in this little orange guy if I could. And find him a loving home.

Update: I got a reply from the girl who posted the photo. She said the kitten was in Malaysia and it did appear to be owned by a family near the ferry she was taking to Singapore. She also said there are lots of stray cats in the area which seem to survive by getting food from restaurant garbage or kind humans.

This one just looks so sad.

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