Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ramona, Dragon Slayer

A lady in the house, a tiger in the Secret Garden.

We did not mean to be away from blogging so long! But the furious end of the 4th of Julabor Day Weekend came upon us with company from France and relations. So with music and sailing kayaking and dancing and rain and sun, the summer winds down. Now we try to finish up all the video shoots that should look like summer so there are plenty of projects to edit come winter.

A lovely morning with the young ones in the Garden. Harper was a bit stressed by our leaving for two nights and having the Kitty Sitter come by. He missed us, he is a New Age Sensitive Guy and he showed us his feelings by chomping on the fur on his belly and getting the runs. Ramona was cool, as she listened to Brendan who said that services were being provided and there was no cause for alarm. Harper was very very cuddly last night. Yesterday and today they got a good three hours of outdoor play time where both kittens waded in the pond (Miss R fell in yesterday but we won't talk about that), climbed trees, chased frogs and dug holes. I did not know that cats will dig holes like a dog but I guess that is the origin of the term "cat hole".

And Ramona caught a huge dragonfly which she was very proud of and then discovered a Big Fact.

Dragonflies Do Not Taste Good.

In other news, Arthur went home! Bucky will tell us that story later. And Ramona's Top Cats are working away. We have raised 1,050 as of this morning. We are not the top team since the Mutleys are at about 1500.00. But we're doing pretty good for a bunch of cats and a bunny. I am going to start on the flag this week and every cat's name will be on it that contributes. And if you can only contribute in spirit let us know and we will put your name on it too. Even if you are a dog.


Finnegan & Buddy said...

Good hunting, Miss Ramona!! Dragonflies have all those wings so it must have been hard to catch one! Poor Harper, you need to trust Brendan and yore beans that they will always make sure you have someone to take care of you.

Me and Buddy have desided that the first of efurry month our post will be about "doing good things" and we'll tell about beans that are helping animals or things like that, so tomorro we will put up owr post about the Walk for Animals! Hopefully we'll get some pledges then.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

I gotted myself a big grasshopper yesterday! I toyed with him for an hour then let him go. -Scout

The Meezers said...

what's a dragon fly? It's sounds big and dangerous? Ramona, you shur are brave. Sorry that you felled into the pond

Harper, we don't like it when mommy goes away eifurr. But don't bite your tummy fur!

Canberra BK said...

Hi Miss Ramona aka Dragon Slayer. So dragonflies look tastier than they are? They do look pretty interesting!

I told Jasmine about 'Ramona's Top Cats' and suggested that we make a little donation. She thought this was obviously a good suggestion.

Go Ramona!

Fat Eric said...

Over 1,000 is amazing. Good job Ramona. And excellent news about Arthur, we've just been reading Bucky's blog which is a very good read.