Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mr. B

I had to take Brendan in the vet on Sunday. Brendan showed me there was blood in his urine again, like at Christmastime. The vet said he should get better. He had some fluids and some shots and I am giving him Clavamox, Cosequin and the Chinese herb mixture. I didn't know this, but Cosequin is good for our old fellows with kidney issues. It helps the lining the of the bladder.

He was up to inspect the builing progress with Olof and he did walkabout in the fenced in territory and now he has gone upstairs for his morning nap. His appetite is down a bit but he seems ok.

He's old, yanno. Our vet says, ":Brendan is happy but he's tired." When you think of his age in people years you realize he is very old. In cat years 17 and a half, going towards eighteen. In people years, what, 90?

He is such a wise being and all of you who read Caturday I think get a feeling for what this special creature is like. A while ago he was napping with his head on Mrs. B's butt.

I take Brendan to the vet, it's a 45 minute drive. I just put him in the seat in his car seat and he looks out the window with calm curiosity. He's calm at the vet but of course he doesn't like getting shots. He doesn't get fearful, though his eyes were quite large the last time we were there and a Great Dane was woofing away near us. Still, he has been with us since he was eight weeks old and all he has known from people is kindness. It's a perfect kind of life. He's been lucky and we've been lucky to live with him.

It's not over yet and we'll take the best possible care of him and watch over him.

I was reading a new story over at

Then There Were Four

about what happens to us when we lose a Beloved animal companion. I think he really hit it in this one. It just tears a chunk out of your heart but I love the way he describes it as a cord that keeps us connected. Pop on over there and read it.


Derby said...

Purrs for Mr. B. The story is good, we read it last week. We like the story chair time.

DEBRA said...

Mr. B looks as handsome as ever. I think it with great sweetness that he has been with you for all of these years and that is all he has known and loved.

It is all any of us could ever want...to be with the ones we love, the most.


Fat Eric said...

Lots of purrs for Brendan. He is a Good Cat.

DK & The Fluffies said...

Mr. B, you look great! We're keeping you in our thoughts.