Friday, June 08, 2007

Where the Wild Things Are

The door is open all day long and the kittens (young cats now really though they still act like kittens) run in and out. Ramona cries when the door is shut around 6 PM.

"I'll never be Out again! I just know it!"

Then she collapses and crashes out until the next morning. She runs up the apple tree and hides under the bushes and stalks little creatures. Harper and Ramona chase each other through the vegtable garden. She did get out one more time and then I added some fencing around the few trees we have the fence staked to. And a raccoon got in once so we check the perimeter every morning.

Brendan goes out too. We had a down spell with him and we gave him fluids for a week and that has really perked him up. Also we found a new food he just loves so he has put weight back on. It's the new Fancy Feast in the blue cans. He is nuts for it. It probably isn't as good for him as Wellness but hey, I'd rather he eat.

I went home to Cape Cod to see my family. Did a little research on the ancestral mansion which was built in 1845. Found out some fun family tree stuff like the town my great great and so on mother was born in in France and that the father of that same period was from Prussia. I wish they had all left journals!

We're still working away on the studio remodel. Everything is upside down. And it's going to be a real international summer with guests arriving from Ireland, France and Sweden. It''ll be fun.

This time when I got back Harper let out one loud meow "You're back!" He didn't forget who I was like last time. Then he slept next to me with his paw around my neck. He's a love.

I figure Harper and Ramona are my consolation gift from the universe for losing Fergus. They are both sweet and very comforting companions.


Leigh-Ann said...

Brendan is one of my absolutely favourite cats (of the ones which don't live with me) -- I hope he'll be feeling better soon.

The Meezers said...

oh we is glad Brendan perked up! - Sammy and Miles

I feel about Sammy and Miles the way you feel about Harper and Ramona. It took 2 kitty loves to make up for the one kitty love that I lost in Ralph - but I would not have it any other way. Meezer Mom Mary