Friday, September 28, 2007

A Long Journey through Good and Evil

Ramona and I have been away on a long journey. We've met wise leaders, gentle healers, loving mothers and adorable children. We've battled evil villans and terrible rogues who will stop at nothing to gain power. We've seen everything we love destroyed and struggled to rebuild. We've lost dear friends and tasted the pain of and longing of illicit love. We've watched helplessly as brave souls died fighting for their families and children starved.

Yup, we've been reading.....

When I put down the latest book I asked my dear Ramona if she would rather live a thrilling life in the wild with Firestar and Thunderclan. She would be a medicine cat for sure.

She looked at me with her lovely green eyes.

My Clan is here, she said.

Note to Dolce's and Baci's daddy. If you haven't read these you are in for a treat. Makes me think of your Darkening Road. They will probably inspire you as they do me to get back to the keyboard.


The Meezers said...

that sounds like a good book!!
moooooooommmmmmm - can you buy it for us?

Gemini said...

Hmm... Momma might have to find it. She likes those things.