Friday, January 04, 2008

Kitten Therapy

I was feeling kind of low after a few days of a vishus cold and I stopped by the shelter to take a few photos. I saw this little guy just wanting to play so I stepped inside the kitten room for a few minutes.

The kittens got real happy to have company and they climbed all over me and ran around and wrassled and showed off how unbearably cute they are.

This lilttle rascal wanted to be on my shoulder or clinging to my back.

After about ten minutes my spirits had brightened considerably and I went on my way. These guys all have adoptions filed on them. I heartily recommend a little kitten therapy for anyone needing a lift on a cold winter day. Just stop into your local shelter. Bring some food or whatever is on their needs list. There's usually adults cats who can use some cuddling too.

Today I just got back from the spay/neuter clinic. I did my duty as media person, taking photos and making notes. Then I got to be a Canine Recovery Nurse. When I left, all four dogs were on their way out, felines were awake and waiting for their people and the rest of the felines were anxiously waiting their turn with Dr. White of Spay ASAP.

The two clinics held up here have so far totaled about 100 cats that will not be having litters next spring. That should lower the burden on area shelters when kitten season comes around. I'll post some clinic photos tomorrow.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Those two are so cute! The brightened our day just seeing photos of them!

twoluvcats said...

awwwwwwwwww how cute is that little calio...looks just like a little feral girl i adopted at thanksgiving :D

The Meezers said...

such little cuties

Steven Carlton said...

They remind me of Egypt cats from the past for some reason! But they are really cute! Did you know caring for cats has a lot of useful information regarding pet care! Definitely check it out!