Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winter Pace

We have received over four feet of snow here. It has set a record as, I think, the third snowiest December in 40 years. Or something like that. I haven't been out skiing once even though the conditions are excellent. Over Christmas we helped Olof's folks move and then Olof came down with a cold and then I got it. Still have it so feeling not at all like my usual self. And I have some kind of repetitive stress injury to my left wrist which I'm not sure is going to handle gripping a ski pole. As soon as the cold leaves me feeling normal, I will get out and see.

Winter in New England, especially this far north, can be quite harsh. It's also beautiful, but if you don't get outside cabin fever will set in. Ramona has been known to spend cold mornings playing with her tail on the kitty tree. The two of them will play a furious game of hide and seek and I have seen a few brother sister spats. They have given up on wanting to go outside, even onto the porch. There's four feet of snow outside the back door anyway.

Evening finds the family curled up in front of the noisy box, looking for a good movie. Ramona likes anything with a lot of hacking and hewing, she really enjoyed 300.

Tomorrow is the low cost spay neuter clinic where I will be taking photos. I might go down to the shelter today and catch up on cat photos. Nin, the observatory cat, is retiring and there are a few candidates aiming for the spot of Top Cat (the summit observatory is at 6,220 feet or so). Applicants must be friendly and smart enough not to sneak out into a hundred mile an hour wind. Benefits include well trained staff, good meals and a great view. And all the mice you can catch.


The Meezers said...

Ramona and Harper, we is glad you is staying inside out of the cold!

MrsRamona'sMom - are some of the cats at the shelter going to try out for Nin's old job?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Inside is much better than staying outside, particularly in that cold.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Keep warm everyone!