Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ramona Says No

Derby told us about the contest Hallmark was having for photos so Ramona and I checked it out.

Ok, so first prize is one thousand dollars and get this: an all expense paid trip to Kansas City with your pet for a shoot with a professional photographer. The value of the trip is four thousand dollars and you have to pay the taxes on your winnings. With capital gains being I think, 15 percent, that means you'd pay 750.00 on your prize money and trip. And Hallmark owns all the rights for ever and ever to your photo (and I'm sure the ones they get at the photo shoot). So you'd get 250.00 and a working trip to KC. And that means traveling on a plane with Ramona in a box. Hmmm. I don't think she'd go for that too much.

I guess it's suposed to be a big thrill but we'll pass.

I asked The Divine Miss R what she thought about the chance to have a career as a supermodel (we all know she'd win)

"Well, she said, It doesn't seem like a lot of money. How many boxes of Fancy Feast is that? And really, why would I want to go to Kansas City? Is it nice?"

We discussed it a bit more and decided that if Hallmark really wants her they can contact her agent and send a photographer here. Hanging around the Secret Garden in the summer and playing with Brother in the winter is much more fun. Miss Ramona is very family orientated, as you all know.

And, as the commercial tells us, this photo:



Derby said...

Miss Ramona I agree. If they really want us, they should come to pose us in our own environment. I don't travel well either.

So mum and I agreed that my entering wouldn't be that much fun. Maybe if I would get royalties from my picture, but that won't happen.

Purrs and stay warm.

Poppy Q said...

Do you fink they would pay for me to come from New Zealand?

Miss Ramona is too pretty for them, I think we should keep her beauty our little secret.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You are very good at figuring those things out. We hadn't even looked into that far. We will not enter!

The Meezers said...

well, that doesn't seem like a lot! that's like 30 boxes of fany feast. and we eat 2 cans a day, so it's not even like a years worth.