Monday, January 21, 2008

Spay Neuter Clinic

One of the animal projects I have been working with is called the Rozzie May Animal Alliance and after posting yesterday's video clip I thought I would post the press release I sent out after the group held their second low cost spay neuter clinic. Above is a photo of Dr. Sara White of Spay ASAP of Vermont who brings her traveling MASH unit wherever she can to help lower the numbers of homeless animals. That photo was taken at the first clinic, held in a small fire station in Tamworth.

Janurary 4th, 2008 Chocorua, New Hampshire

How much of an impact can one devoted veterinarian have on pet overpopulation? Dr. Sara White of Vermont started her low cost, high volume, high quality spay neuter project in 2006. In that first, partial year, she altered 1,200 animals. For 2007 the number is over 4,000.

On Friday, January 4th, Dr. White’s traveling MASH unit set up at Runnell’s Hall in Chocoura. With the help of a crew of volunteer vet techs and assistants she altered 31 cats, 4 dogs and Clover, the rabbit.

The Hall was bright and clean and the mood calm, friendly and well organized. Each animal went through a pre-surgery check from Dr. White and volunteer vet tech Linda Warner from Lakes Region Humane Society. They received shots for rabies and distemper if needed, plus an inspection for ear mites and fleas. For many animals, this was their first visit to a vet. After surgery each dog spent time with a “recovery nurse” who watched, petted and talked to their charges as they awoke. Volunteers were treated to a lunch of home made soup, breads, cookies and brownies and tired shoulders received a massage from Gretchen Loeffler.

This was the second clinic for the Rozzie May Animal Alliance, a new organization based in Tamworth which is dedicated to easing the problem of homeless pets, especially cats, in our area. The clinic was filled within a few days of announcement with people bringing animals from Moultonboro to Berlin. The response was such that enough cats are lined up to fill another clinic.

The Rozzie May Animal Alliance is working towards building a dedicated clinic facility to offer low cost spay neuter services and an animal sanctuary. A one vet stationary clinic could alter at least 4,000 animals a year and lower the number of homeless pets entering shelters in a wide area of northern NH. For more information see the web site at www.

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Wow that sounds like a great organization and it is nice to see that awesome vets are helping out the animal families who can't afford fees.

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