Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Cat Lady Went to Heaven

She was a small woman who volunteered at the shelter coming in early and doing the tedious work of cleaning cages. I am sure she gave the cats a lot of TLC and sympathy. She passed away quietly at home and the family is now at the shelter.
Some, you can tell from the photos, are scared. Some are wide eyed, unsure of their situation. Some are bold and friendly, open to whatever happens next. Five of them are in a family group, others are in spearate places waiting for their chance to go up front and seek new homes.

Here they are, Ten Left Behind.

Handsome Taz with amazing green eyes.

Tippie. She was anxious to see everything outside her condo.

Lively Samatha is a real character.

Precious was sitting shyly on a bed in the family room.

Princess has beautiful huge eyes, a little large from anxiety. She is already up front in the adoption room.

Piper is still so scared I only took one photo and left him hiding in his crate.

Beautiful Pippin.

Baby Huey is a charming and huge lapful of a friendly guy. He protects Piper, they might be father and son.

Shy Toby.

and Maw Maw, also very outgoing and handsome.

I know I haven''t been posting as much as usual, as much as I like to. There is so much to do here in the spring. The garden is being planted and we have TV commercials to get out in the next few weeks. But I do have some more shelter stories to catch up on. There is one special cat I want to tell you about but I need some more information on his condtion.

And, there are Caturday tee shirts in the works. I'll tell you about that soon also.

A note on Tucker, he is FELV positive, not FIV. And I have been told he could be clear of that in about six months. Then I am sure he will be adopted quickly, he is a wonderful cat.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is sad news to hear about. I hope those kitties that are left behind find wonderful homes.

meemsnyc said...

Wow, so many lovely cats. We are so sad to hear about the news of the cat lady.