Friday, May 30, 2008

Hooray Hooray Hooray!

Update: Dawn asked how the money gets to Dancer and I couldn't find your email address so here is the answer for everyone. There are two ways to get money to Dancer. One is to donate directly to the shelter and say it is for him. Their website is and they have a Paypal button on their How to Help page

The Cafe Press shop is something I set up with designs I have been working on using vintage images I have collected. I thought it would great for the beginning of this new project to donate the profits to a good cause. Everything that is sold gives me a commission which I am going to donate for Dancer. There is a different amount for each item. I lowered the prices on the tee shirts and totes so it is something like 9.00 on each of those and 2.00 on the smaller things. It will take quite a while for that money to come to me but I will pay the shelter whatever comes in as soon as the sales add up to something. When Dancer is safely on his way to health and a good home, then I can continue with the business and I am going to add some designs from my shelter photos as items that will always go to help my animal groups. I hope that answers any questions!

I don't want anyone to donate who can't afford it. And if you just want to donate a small amount then go right to the shelter. His story is in the paper this week and I bet that is going to help him but I will keep you posted. I will find out how he is doing and let the cat blogosphere know.

Thanks! He really is a lovely little guy and I wish I oculd bring him home here. Next thing will be a great home for him, after he is well.

The Cafe Press shop has started selling stuff! I can't tell you how pleased I am to be able to help get Dancer the surgery he needs. I have other ideas in mind. This tee shirt thing has been an idea and a dream for years! My sister has been the inspiration since she is a skilled silk screener. I can assure you the Cafe Press shirts are wonderful, they use the latest print method which is too expensive for me to get into at this time but I am seriously considering it. I will tell you the saga of the tee shirts in the next few days. Today I have way too much to do, but please, visit the shop and let me know if there are other itmes you would like the designs on, different shirts, mouse pads etc. I will be working on it. I hope I can go visit Dancer later today. He is in our newspaper this week and we hope there will be more donations for him locally.


Dawn said...

I'm just curious as to how the sales work to get to Dancer...We sent some money to your rescue league for him. I also called. They were very nice, but I think they thought it was strange to hear from a woman in Iowa about one of their cats....Go Dancer!!

ML said...

Hi, i am a kitty reepurrter fur the Cat Blogosphere. i previously published about Dancer on the Noos.
Mine Mommie ML and Auntie Deb have an auction blog, Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere, where they raise money for sick cats. 100% of the funds go to the treatment. They even pay shipping on the items (unless it's overseas).
They bof fell in love with Dancer and want to help him. He is running out of time.
We will refers folks to make payment directly to the shelter's Paypay and designate it is for Dancer, our little brave hero.
Love and Purrs,
Offishul Reepurrter of
The Cat Blogosphere

Finnegan & Buddy said...

We bot a mug! It wood be cool to see some items wif the cats from the shelter on them, speshly Danser.

Finny Buddy Jasmine

Zuleme said...

HI Finnegan and Buddy,
I'll put Dancer on a mug and other stuff! Greaaaat idea!

pd said...

I'd love a cute little babydoll tee or tank top.

Vaidyanathan R. said...

I never knew that people were this crazy about cats. Great pictures of so many beautiful cats.