Friday, May 09, 2008

Shelter Visit and News

Why is it that the sweetest guys in the shelter are FIV postiive? This is Starsky who is a major Cat of Character. He''s a wonderful guy full of purrsonality with those ownderful Bucky type eyes (remember Bucky?) He has been at the shelter since sometime in 07 and even though he gets lots of attention and as much exercise as possible, well, he needs a home.

And then this fellow I met for the first time yesterday. Tucker. He is a cuddle bug and also just a great cat with loads of purrsonality and FELV postive. sigh.

(Update on Tucker, he should be ok in about six months, I guess his test was barely positive. I don't really understand all this except that his prognosis is good). If you are looking for an exceptional and handsome feline let me of the shelter know. Their info is on my sideroll.

I think that those of us who love cats go along kind of a cat love curve. You start out with kittens, perfect beautiful kittens. Ok, so I still just adore kittens, who doesn't? But then if you are involved at all in animal welfare you start to notice the cats that are often overlooked. I like the feisty ones, the cranky ones and the shy ones who need some confidence. Then there are the ones who need medical care or who are disabled. Or they are seniors who have lost their people. I can see as I get older I will adopt older cats. I could see just adopting FIV postive cats if I didn't have the brother sister team now.

This is the very beautiful and recently bereaved Simone. She is part Siamese (I love that) and she seems very calm as she watches the goings on from a second floor condo.

This is Ebony who was at the shelter since sometime in 2006 and has just found a home. It is always nice to hear that a long timer has been adopted. I think it is a good thing, if you have room for a new cat, to ask who has been in the shelter the longest.

And this is Matty who was also at the shelter for a long time and has just been adopted.

A shelter volunteer just died, leaving her family of ten cats. They are all at the shelter and I will get to know them on my next visit and I will tell you about them.

In other cat news, the Rozzie May Animal Alliance had a Boy Cat clinic that was vey sucessful and has scheduled a clinic for both sexes in a town north of here where many shelter cats and kittens come from. I'll be up there taking photos May 30th.

And finally, remember Marty who won the election to become the cat on top of Mount Washington? He is having a great time in his new job. I can see the summit from my house and often this winter I would look up at the frozen heights and wonder how he was doing. He has an important job providing feline companionship to the meteorologists up there. Now that it is spring he has been able to do some outside exploring with supervision.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

The funnest cats were often the older cats who got adopted. There is something so sweet and honest about them when they'd come into our vet with their new owners!

georg said...

Our Tom was from the local no-kill. We asked to see the cats who had been there the longest, and that's how we met Tom. He had half an ear, one very bad eye he could not see through, and at some point a leg fracture that set badly. But he's very sweet and he loves us. He's not the first "senior" cat we've adopted and won't be the last. Even our dogs don't come to us as puppies! Our newest dog was 12 when we took him home.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We just love your pictures! All the kitties look so soulful.

Derby said...

I am glad that mum chose me and adult cat versus a kitten. I hope that someone comes along to give them love and a wonderful home.

Also great news about Marty. Keep us updated on him.

Quasi said...

I hope each one of those kitties finds a great furr-ever home.