Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dancer gets a Prezzie

Dancer received a get well package from a Secret Admirer. As you can see, it was a big hit. This was the day before he went to Portland for his surgery. Today he is coming back and will recuperate with Sandy since the shelter is closed. Tomorrow he should be back at the shelter in Conway. All went well and he has a great prospect for a normal, happy cat life, thanks to the kind cats and people of the blogosphere and his caretakers at CAHS.

"What is this? For me?"


Since he is a kind hearted kitty I bet he will want to share some a these. A few anyway.


Dawn said...

Yeah Dancer!!! Thank you so much for the update!! I am sure there are people in line to take this little guy home!! CAHS does a good job screening potential parents?? This little one deserves the best!!

ML said...

What nice toys and what a deserving little kitty.
I'll bet people are lining up for Dancer.
Hope they will give him his own blog so we can continue to be friends with him.