Friday, June 06, 2008

I Dream of Ramona

Do you ever have dreams where your cats are with you? I had an amazing dream a couple of nights ago. I was in my home town of Falmouth, MA and yet, of course, it was a dream town with some great twists and turns. I was in a small post office getting a box and a strange little key so that I could receive a letter from a friend in Ireland. Ramona was with me. She ran out into the street among the cars and then back to me. I picked her up and held her for the rest of the dream.

Olof was there somewhere but I don't know where Harper was, probably with Olof.
Ramona and I headed downtown and to get there we walked along the tracks of a small train going uphill, rather like a cog railroad (we have one of those here, going up Mount Washington). This was a miniature version following the sidewalk. When we got to the top, we got on the train and rode down.
There was a boy across the aisle also holding a young cat.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a wonderful place then you can understand some of my feelings when I dream about this town. The population was smaller when I was young, there was much less traffic, and it had a great, cozy small town feel. It still has some of that because the main street is narrow. But back then it had a J.J. Newberrys with crooked wooden floors and a soda fountain, a small drug store with a bow window and a soda fountain,two shops I loved called Buttner's and Mrs. Weeks. Side by side, I think they sold the same kind of things, fabric and yarn and patterns. Women sewed a lot then and my grandmother and mother made a lot of clothes for us. There was a small clothing store in the same grouping, all had beautiful bow windows like something English. And there was a salt water taffy store making the candy in the window and a bakery and a bookstore.

So in this dream I was very happy to be back in my childhood home. I had a wonderful feeling of having a visit to a place I love traveling with my girl kiity.

When I woke up she was cuddled under my chin.


Dawn said...

We lost our 13 year old torti in January. Ellie was our pride and joy and came to us when she was a baby. I still have dreams of her and miss her much!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a wonderful dream. Jan tends more to nightmares, so she envies you such a pleasant dream. We felines and pups, of course, have sweet dreams.

purrs and tail wags

The Meezers said...

awww what a wonderful dream.

Fat Eric said...

That was a good dream. We just heard that Dancer's surgery went well, such good news! Hope he finds a great forever home!