Monday, June 26, 2006

Pretty Little Girl

Ramona sometimes takes her afternoon nap curled up in this rocking chair. She has become very helpful at keeping the ant population down. When I come down in the morning there are tiny corpses everywhere.

It is pouring, pouring rain. I guess if I ever need rain all I need to do is hang out a few loads of laundry. Yep, they are getting well rinsed. Brendan is disgusted with the weather, he insisted on going out to take a look at it but he purred when I picked him up and said it's no good sweetheart.

You're right, he said.

It is however, a good day for working indoors and I did a lot of computer type stuff and a bunch of errands downtown. I was going to go to Bean's to get some sneakers but every bored tourist who had the misfortune to have this week off was in the store.

Harper and Ramona actually got four free boxes of Fresh Step Kitty Litter to try out. I can't remember if someone called me or emailed but the company sent me some to try out. Funny thing is, they both really like the stuff and it is neat and easy to clean up. I tried it in their upstairs bathroom and caught Harper going upstairs to use it. I have been using the lightweight litter made of sawdust. But I just may switch. We'll see if Harper and Ramona become spokescats for Fresh Step.

That is the first concrete benefit I have received from blogging. Other than getting good at photography and working for the shelter taking photos.

For everyone who liked Ramona;s hippopotamus, here is Harper's teddy bear. Same thing, it is about the size of my thumb and beautifully made. The company is called, I think, Dr. Noyes Toys but I can't find it on the web. I bought them at our local good food for cats shop. It is called Four Your Paws Only in North Conway, NH. 1-800-327-5957. Try calling them and see if they will send you one.

Ramona has just pulled the tablecloth off the table again. I keep putting it back so she can pull it off, she enjoys it so much. And she manages to get the piece of wire out of the cat dancer toy on the back of the chair. She wants a hug now. Gotta go.

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The Meezers said...

She is such a little lady. and sooooo cute.