Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Cat You Need

Sometimes you get the cat you need and sometimes you get the cat who needs you.

I got Harper, who I need and also Ramona who needed us. And now I have both of them and they are both wonderful.

Check out this story about a guy who got the cat who needed him. Vote for a name and send him a donation for this little kitten's major medical bills. I'm going to.

Dropped In


The Meezers said...

And sometimes the cat you need and the cat who needs you are the same cat.

Zuleme said...

In the end, that is usually the case!

DEBRA said...

Exactly Sammy & Miles!


Anonymous said...

That is the truest statement ever. We are all connected in this world, and sometimes we don't know why. And Sammy and Miles are right - sometimes it is just a big circle of love.

Eponine's Cowboy said...

My Eponine needed me when she walked up to me. I didn't need her. Over the years, though, I greatly leaned and depended on her. She was the most reliable. I still hope to someday be as reliable.

I very much enjoyed this post and checking out No Name Yet. We'll see what happens.